Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well...we went to the Hallmark store yesterday but no Christmas catalogs yet!

You are having a very trying day today. Not sure why. You keep wanting Daddy to play with you with your trains. It is a relentless cry "daddy come play with me" over and over and over. He plays for awhile but never seems to be able to stay there long. SO you cry out again "Daddy come play with me"....relentlessly. This only irritates your father even more. It would be just as simple to plop down and play for at least an hour on the floor. That satisfies you for awhile. I guess that is too easy. Your daddy can't seem to sit on the floor that long or on his butt. He has to sit on his knees which I am sure is the reason then for him not being able to stay down there for 1 hour.

Anyway....we need to do some shopping. It will be your daddy's birthday tomorrow. What to get what to get and why did we wait so long to do it again this year?

YOU DID get a card in the mail from Grandma and grandpa Lincoln. You are so excited to get mail.

Nothing much else new. Need to run for now.



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