Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dear Noah:

You are keeping track of the DAYS of SUMMER as you call them. Today would be day #3 you said. You also called today "Family Day" as you think we should all be in there playing on your computer with you!

You are happily singing in your room and playing your replacement Roller Coaster Deluxe PC game that came yesterday and recording yourself and the sounds.

I think the digital recorder was a great investment but I had no idea YOU would be the one using it and EVERY DAY! I hope and pray it won't wear out!

You even know how to change the batteries now and to recharge the batteries.

You are learning a lot from recording....and it seems to be helping you talk better.

I guess if it wears out I can get another one. I was only planning on using it for special occasions and vacations. But this is probably better for you.



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