Saturday, June 11, 2005


ALSO...sound making is something pretty common in most autistics. So Noah's sounds also have a lot to do with that. AND I imagine it is tied into his sensory integration issues as well.

I AM thankful he can control them to a point and at least usually hold off on doing them in his room. We let him make as many sounds as he wants on the way walking into a public place like the library, church or a store. He can jerk around and make sounds and do what he wants but as soon as we hit the doors we say "okay, now it is quiet time" and he actually stops making sounds and can usually maintain being quiet the entire time we are in the store or library, etc. Once out however the process starts again and he is like FREE......he will make his sounds and jerk around instead of plain walking to the car. He is HIMSELF and very happy.

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