Sunday, June 12, 2005

Dear Noah:

Last night you were hilarious. You got in bed and then said "I think I am a little tummy is really growling". I said it was a little too late to be eating now as you were in BED and you could wait and eat the next day and have a big breakfast!

You said (crying I might add) "I am starving and if I wait till tomorrow my stomach will be so empty I will get sick!" (hahahahah).

Not exactly sure where you got that from but we got you up and fixed you some CLUB CRACKERS and water. Once you had those you acted like you did not need them. You ate maybe 4 and drank some water and got back in bed.

I am sitting here now wondering if you are going to want to go to church today or not. I am already sensing you are not going to want to. You never even got dressed yesterday!

On that note we did have FAMILY TIME many times yesterday which you loved. We got the real backgammon set out and taught you how to play that. DO any other 6 year olds know how to play backgammon I wonder? I doubt it is a common game for your age group. Anyway you did so well you beat the pants off of me and your daddy many times over! You call it "the backgammon game without buttons" as the other one you had been playing was the handheld electronic one.

So are such a joy as usual!

Still cloudy and a bit cooler today. I love cooler weather and so do you so it does not upset me. I think everyone else is wondering if we will even have a summer this year! Suits me just fine so far! ;)

Got some caramel rolls in the oven and Hazelnut coffee ready. Course you won't eat the rolls ....I think you said you will have bananas today (of course only Stage 3 baby food bananas as you still cannot tolerate the texture of real bananas). I think some butter bread too you said. One thing for sure you are pretty easy to feed I guess even though you are extremely picky about the textures and smells and tastes! IF we owned a Burger King you would be in heaven cause right now that is your favorite place for chicken nuggets! You won't even eat the chicken nuggets from the store anymore.

I have a crockpot meal planned for today but again you won't eat that so I guess we will be making you something else or picking something up on the way home from church (if you go).

Later Gator!

Mommy loves you!

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