Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dear Noah:

I decided to see if you would be willing to take a small trip in the car today. I asked if you wanted to ride with me and Daddy up to the post office to drop off a package for grandpa Lincoln. You actually said "YES!"

So we went. You took the recorder with you ...(I don't think I ever planned for my digital recorder to be used this much).

Anyway...we actually went INSIDE even to mail out the package. You clung to use like glue but you went and went in willingly. We then drove you through BK for some lunch and then back home.

You did pretty well. Originally you told me this morning you were STAYING HOME and not going anywhere. BUT you did end up making this short journey today which was good.

Back home now and you are calming down a bit finally I think.

Daddy and I have noticed right now you also don't want ANYONE staring or looking at you. That really bothers you right now and you go around here all the time saying "don't look at me" or "go away". Hopefully this will improve over time.

Otherwise, we will be going to bed EARLIER tonight than you have been.



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