Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Dear Noah:

The process for getting extra funds in case we need it to provide you with any therapies you may need above what our insurance will pay for could be tough. The process is daunting.

In order to qualify you for (or TRY to) the Colorado Medicaid Waiver we have to first get a denial from SSI. I verbally got that denial over the phone last night as we may too much money for you to qualify which we knew. Now they will send the written letter to us next. The paperwork/application for the Medicaid Waiver is being sent to us as I write this. I talked to the woman at our community centered board (CCB) last night. She was extremely helpful and while you may NOT qualify...it is worth a shot at applying for everything we can. This particular waiver is NOT based on our income and that means it would help pay for therapies, medical equipment, etc. if and when needed and for MORE therapy than you may qualify for under our insurance. It could get expensive out of pocket.

There are many things the CCB can help with. They have a great family support program we will be interested in. They offer many resources and helps...so it is a process but we need to get you on the list at least.

Otherwise.....I guess it all just moves on. You will only hopefully require 4-6 weeks of physical therapy, much less than we anticipated. Not sure about occupational therapy. They told us for gross motor skills you are only at a 3-4 year level. SO....we have some work cut out for us don't we son???

Not sure what we will find out yet about speech therapy. It is nice to know this new Children's Hospital satellite clinic right in our own hometown will be able to offer all the services you will need in one spot...and right beside one of our favorite parks! SO that is all great news!

You will be able to get your physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy AND a social skills class. It will all take time to set everything up but we are doing pretty well so far.

Anyway....that is the progress to date.

LOVE YOU lots!


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