Sunday, December 14, 2014

Train coming through Union City, Indiana .........

You were very excited as tonight when we went to Union City, Indiana to Harter Park to see their 4 Million Christmas Light also got to see 3 trains coming through town. Here is 1 of the videos you recorded

Dear Noah...where has my little man gone?

I cannot believe in a couple of weeks you will turn 16. Where has the time gone? We have been through so much together...and when I look at you is hard to believe you are the same "little" man you once were. You are growing into quite the young man now. I love you so much Noah.....and even though I see a very tall, young adult man standing in front of me now....I will never forget that little man you once were.

All my love.....always and the moon and back again.....forever and ever and ever.