Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dear Noah.....Dayton PhilharMONSTER concert and TRICK OR TREAT!

SO Saturday I took you to the Dayton Schuster Center for the first time to attend the Dayton Philharmonic concert they put on for Halloween...the PHILHARMONSTER concert. I got us seats in the front row! You could actually lean on the stage we were so close. The place was so beautiful....and we will definitely be going back for other concerts or shows. There were many levels of balconies...and the very top of the ceiling led to an open area that looked as if you were gazing out onto the stars. SO beautiful!

You went trick-or-treating with your cousin Audrey that evening went as Avatar the Last Airbender from the cartoon series...and she has a Victorian dead had a good time but everyone tired out fast this year.

We eventually got back here to finish watching the Ohio State football game....where they beat Minnesota 52 to 10!

Lots to I am keeping this short. I love you...tonight you want to make it movie night! I think you said you wanted to watch Polar Express because it was the time of year you wanted to start watching Christmas movies!



Friday, October 29, 2010

Dear Noah....our hometown DID have a tornado confirmed...

no wonder we felt such hard winds driving home....and rain....we were probably driving on the outskirts of it all like you thought.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dear Noah: Your stress test was normal!

THESE photos do not do the clouds and black skies justice. They skies were very black at one point..something you only see in movies....eerie and scary!

(excerpt from our day)

We had to go to Children's Medical Center today for Noah to have some tests done. I did not want to go knowing it was supposed to be bad weather...even before we left the conditions were perfect for tornadoes...very warm and windy...our skies up here were almost black when we left but cleared in the Dayton area. Then coming back I wanted to come straight home to beat the storm but Noah was hungry. We stopped in Englewood at was not bad there BUT the farther we drove the worst it got. We hit approached our exit to take us the next 20 plus miles home and it was BLACK skies with unbelievable clouds and rain was starting and the winds! We turned on WHIO radio and tornado warnings were all around us. We did not know what to do. I called dad...he was just waking up from a nap so did not even know the conditions...I wanted to ask him if our area was bad and if so I figured we would make a pit stop at their house...but he had not heard. I kept listening to the radio and we decided to try going on North. BIG MISTAKE...the winds about blew me off the road numerous times...the rain was blowing across the road and car in WAVES...WAVES I tell you looked like we were riding on an ocean....and it sounded like something under my car was grinding. Noah took videoclips till he got too scared....the inside of the car sounded so loud.....the wind was unbelievable. We were almost near another small town and I decided we better pull off. A semi had almost hit us coming into our one could see.....I reached a little dairy bar restaurant right before you go into town....everyone was pulling off there....and I should have recorded that...the wind blew the car all around....the wind...I cannot say enough about the sound and the rain....and poor Noah crying and crying saying he did not want to die.....he just wanted to go was sooooooo nerve wracking. I kept the radio seemed to chill a bit....and we started to leave...passed police cars and ambulance.....and the TORNADO SIREN RIGHT THERE BESIDE US WENT OFF......Noah was really scared then. I had no where to go take shelter.....and thought about a few places....but it looked a little clearer closer to our hometown area so we kept going....we were both praying...just wanted to not break down or have to get in a ditch off the St. Rt we were on.....almost to the town before our exit. Thought about going to my grandma's ...all the power seemed out up there....and there appeared to be a funnel we kept heading North even though our town also had a tornado warning scary....SO scary.....I told Noah I did not know how he would ever be a storm chaser if he got that scared and cried....he said he would not mind if but from a SAFE distance. We were in the middle surrounded by tornado warnings to each direction we drove or came from...and again...the winds...sound of the wind and the rain....unbelievable. I told Noah next time he had to listen to me and when I said we were coming HOME we were coming straight HOME to beat a storm and not go through this again!

LOTS of damage in our area and many other cities around us. They have so far confirmed 6 tornado touch downs in surrounding was a very active weather day!

Noah and I were so thankful to be home. He was so afraid he was going to die. He was crying so much and was so very upset in the car. He kept telling me all the facts about fall tornadoes and how dangerous they are...and how they are rain wrapped like these were and you could not see them...until they were on top of you...and we needed to be taking shelter immediately. We had no where to take I kept driving. Once home he was upset because our closet in the hallway is not accessible at the present time...our tornado safe zone. I told him I would clear it out fast or we could sit in the hallway. What a hectic day and evening.

Today the winds were still blowing but NOTHING like yesterday. I am thankful we could stay home today and chill.....we both needed to recover from that nerve wracking event!

Giving thanks we made it home and all was okay with us and my family and friends and others in the surrounding areas were not injured.

I love you Noah!

I was proud of your efforts on the stress test. You did much better than I thought you could do!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dear Noah......License to Wed???

I fell asleep on the sofa the other night with the TV on and woke up finding you on the love seat watching a movie...when I asked you what it was it was called LICENSE TO WED...with Robin Williams in it...and you were enthralled...told me you had already gotten up and checked it out on Wikipedia. I was seemed to not only like the movie but were intent on it and stayed up to watch the entire movie.

You are all about girls and love and things to do with love right sweet.

You were looking at yourself in the full length mirror the other night after getting washed off and into some were sliding your hands up and down your belly and said it looked like waves.....rolling in and a Tsunami! I about lost it laughing so did too.

Your personality and humor is really are YOU are really shooting up right now. I told you we both need to start working out together for exercise to tone up........get your coordination improved and muscles developing.

I love you a lot...we have had a lot of fun together recently....and today we went to mom and dad's for a birthday celebration.

LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK AGAIN....and again and again..forever I will!


Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear Noah...a song dedicated to you ...

Since you are all about IN MY ROOM lately for everything and it is all I can do to get you OUT of your room..I dedicate a song to you....

I LOVE you or out of your room.....


Friday, October 08, 2010

Dear designed a Sonic Chatroom movie

it is actually a pretty cool storyline and you came up with the words and ideas all on your own. I think you had seen some similar things on You Tube and decided to make your own. I am pretty impressed with all the work you did and the text you added and pics you added all on your own and the flow of it all. Great job for your first told me you included a LOVE triangle which I thought was pretty cute...I asked you if you KNEW what a LOVE TRIANGLE was and you very clearly and matter-of-factly told me!

We watched old Supermarket Sweep episodes on You Tube together in your room last night....had a ball. We both miss that show. You pronounced bologna BOW-LOG-NA instead of BALONEY which I found so funny....we busted out laughing big time on that! is the movie you made!