Saturday, December 31, 2011

Entertrainment Junction - Noah and I took a trip!

We went to Entertrainment amazing train much to see and do! So many model RR is an awesome place if you love trains! Here are a few pics and video clips from our trip!

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Dear Noah: Robin Spielberg piano concert

When you were little...I introduced you to piano music played by Robin Spielberg. You fell in love with her music just like I did...and listened to it a lot. During our trips from Colorado to Ohio it was a popular choice of CDs to listen to during the long drive...especially if we wanted you to relax and go to sleep. When you were little and riding in the car you seldom slept...I guess afraid you would miss seeing something. You were the best little traveler I have ever known though...and loved going for drives and trips in the car. You STILL DO! You never tire of it. But Robin's music became something you really enjoyed. Here is a clip of you when you first began listening to her music...this song was one of your is called "BUTTERFLY" from Robin's "IN THE ARMS OF THE WIND" CD

Well..Robin Spielberg came to our city of Greenville, Ohio to play at our local Memorial Hall and I bought us tickets to go see were SOOOOO excited to find this out and to go see her in concert. I only took a couple of pics and they did not turn out great.

Arriving for the show....Memorial Hall in Greenville is beautiful!

When we got there...there were a lot of very "formally" dressed people...and a lot of older people. You made remarks about this several times. You said, "Wow there are a lot of elders here tonight." Pretty soon you leaned over the balcony railing where we sat in the front row and said, "Wow there are even MORE elderlies down there!" and "I think I am the youngest person here tonight!" followed by "I think the entire retirement home is here tonight!!"

There were a lot of "elderlies" there as I am sure they like Robin's music too. It is sooo peaceful and relaxing. If you ever cannot sleep her CD is a good way to relax and wind down. Robin even talked about that herself during the concert...about how if we noticed a person sitting beside us nodding off to just gently nudge them awake again.

This is pretty poor quality because while ROBIN said it was okay to take pics or movie clips the "elderlies" around us seemed very irritated when I got my camera out, even though I did not use a flash but I wiggled my hand and the pic turned out crappy. Next time I won't care what they think and do a good job!

You almost dozed off twice and I was tired myself. We have been busy reorganizing and cleaning the house. Your dad is coming in from Colorado for a visit and that finally lit a fire under me to get things in order around here.

I asked if you would be able to sit through the second half of the show after intermission but you started to think maybe you could not. You were tired and hungry. So we left a little early. I asked if you wanted to meet Robin in person but you said, "NOOOOOOO!" to that idea and out the door you went.

I know when she first came on stage you looked at me and told me,"I am going to use the hood of my coat and hide my smile on my face when she comes out" because you were certainly grinning.....A LOT! A BIG, HUGE grin!

Well...after the concert we went to pizza hut and I treated you to pizza...then home to crash.

You have been staying up way too late again at night....and sleeping in then very late to make up for it. While this works out well, as I can work during the time you really is not a great habit for you to get into.

Today you had to do a benchmark test to see if you have improved in math and reading to prepare you for the Ohio State Achievement testing in late spring. You got a perfect score last time in Reading and a good enough score to pass the test in math as well. This time I hoped you would continue to show improvement in math and you did! You beat your first score by almost an additional 50 points and scored perfect on the algebra section. And you think you don't like algebra!

We are getting ready for Christmas. We have totally redone your room and wow it is looking great! I will have to post pics on another post.

I love you Noah. You sure are growing up so fast!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dear are growing up so fast!

The other day my knee came out of joint again or whatever it tends to do...(holding off on a knee replacement as long as I can)...and I could barely walk. When it came time for had to help me get my leg into bed as I still had not been able to pop it back into did it smart! had a sleepover in my room...and we got to talking. It became a very deep/long conversation. In fact I ended up only getting about 1-1/2 hours of sleep before I had to get up at 3:50 a.m. for work.

It was worth being sleep deprived though as I know these conversations are a once-in-a-lifetime type of deal and only come along every so often. I truly do try to LIVE IN THE MOMENT and appreciate even disruptions like this in my sleep time because you never know when they may be your last time to soak it all up.

So you began talking about growing up...and wanting to be an architect. You wondered if that was a field that would be in demand by the time you grew up since the market now for new building has slowed down tremendously due to the economy. I told you, you could always design unique homes for richer people or go into commercial building architecture which was actually something you had wanted to do as well. You seemed pretty pleased with that and felt reassured you could have a job doing something you enjoyed one talked about some of the houses you have designed recently and even ONE you said I COULD LIVE IN....but it has some quirks that needed to be worked out yet. I guess part of you is afraid I will end up in some retirement home because of my health issues...and I explained to you that was usually reserved for MUCH OLDER people and only when even they could AFFORD TO actually retire and live on whatever money was going to be coming into them from any outside sources besides any they have put aside for themself. I also reassured you I had no plans of going to any retirement center and was not planning on ever leaving you high and dry so to speak..and you said you knew this.

You talked about also wanting to be a "writer" and create stories for your favorite Sonic comics...which I think is also a great idea. In said your heart "became so lightened" by this idea you were super excited to get started and the next night you wrote an amazing storyline idea several pages long. You used some pretty big words and I happened to notice one in particular we had just learned this past week in vocabulary, "retort" and you used it correctly! I asked you if you purposefully thought about using any of those words or if that word just came to you..and you said it just came to you! WOW..this means not only are you learning the words but you are RETAINING the words! I was impressed.

The way you "write/type" for something you are interested in compared to assignments for school, however, is the difference between night and day. WOW...almost looks like it is written by two different people. You write much better for something you are interested in and much more advanced...expressing yourself pretty well. It is like pulling teeth to try to get you to compile anything making much sense for school. So we will be working on that. I think you just need to have more confidence in yourself really.

You then said you were going to start trying some new foods....and wanted to learn to cook and use a cookbook to make new dishes to try. You said that was something maybe we could even do together. I thought it was a great idea. You wanted me to teach you to do laundry. I told you that yes...I had plans to teach you all these life skills.

You confided your fears that you thought you would do poorly when it came to money. I tried to reassure you I felt you would do fine as long as you avoided credit cards and paid yourself a little first and then your bills. I said we would get you a checking account or savings account and start teaching you about money.

I asked you why the sudden/rush of interest to learn all these things that I had said to you often ybefore that you would need to learn so you could be out on your own one day? You said because you wanted to start getting ready to be out on your own one day.

Let's will be 13 in December...I think you have a little time...but then is never too early to learn life skills and start using them.

What impressed me even more than anything...was the ending of the conversation. You said after all of this you wanted me to teach you how to "have a simple life." I love that. I try very hard to keep our life simple now...and I am pretty sure that is what you meant...keeping your life simple so you can avoid the stress and situations that used to just send you over the edge. Not getting so hung up in all the things a lot of others do....etc.

Suddenly without any warning you said, "Okay that is enough talking, it is time to go to sleep now!" and that was it! Conversation over...finished...done.

I am so amazed at how far you have come and continue to go. We both looked back over videos of you from a long time ago...and back then I thought I could understand your language you used pretty well as you really did not talk so much as make sounds and added a few intelligible words here and there. BOTH of us could barely understand what you were saying looking back now. You have improved so much with your speech and talking and using words.

Another thing I noticed was how you are finally able to actually SIT and be still and more focused now for school....and other things. You are MUCH MORE relaxed and not literally bouncing off the walls or chair. IN prior videoclips it shows you not even being able to sit for at home or in the public had to stand and move constantly..holding something in your hands all the time to fidget with it...moving your head around and making sounds...eyes all over the place....just on overload all the time.

You have come a long way and I know you still have a long way to go but I feel really blessed at the progress you have made and continue to make each day. I thank God for you Noah as you have been the biggest blessing to my life.

I will love you forever....

XOXOXOXOX told me the other day while patting my hair on the top of my head you sort of like my GRAY hair now. Yes I have not been putting any henna rinses on it for a while and the hairs around my face and top of my head are getting gray. Before you had told me I was not allowed to let any gray hair show ever till I was at least 65 years old! BUT you patted it and said now you sort of liked it. You said I sorta matched your dad's hair now...and we would make a good pair...(no we are not getting back together for any family reading this)...but it was cute the gestures you used and the comments you made.

AlSO we have been watching WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY together at night...your sense of humor has just developed leaps and bounds! You laugh hysterically now at things that are really funny and UNDERSTAND what they mean...whereas before you did not have a clue. So we are really enjoying that time together.

I have my work cut out for me. I need to make sure you are successful in your education and schoolwork...and in life...and get myself prepared to be on my own probably one day without you living right here with me each day and minute which is a lifestyle I have known now for 12-1/2 years..and reduced income one day as no more child support or benefits for you will be coming in. That is fine and I know all that will more than work out ...I am more focused on getting you where you need to be one day.

It will exciting to see all the doors that will surely open for you one day in the future Noah.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Asperger's Syndrome - Clay Marzo: Just Add Water

This explains so much in such a short time and so very well.....

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear Noah.......

I've made mistakes being a Mom, sometimes more than I'd like to admit. But I will always be there for you, to hear you, cheer for you, to laugh or cry with you, to protect you with my life and sometimes tell you things you don't want to hear. I will love you for eternity. No one (but God) will ever love you more than I do, because I am your Mom.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dear Noah....we have had an easy, breezy summer so far....

and glancing at the calendar I realize how fast it is going and school will be starting soon! YIKES! Where has the time gone??

You are still in that period of natural transition....being 12 years old and almost a are ready to go through all the stuff in your room to clean it up and move stuff out to make room for newer things...things you are interested in that will be a big project but I would certainly like to get it started and completed before school starts...same for my office/schoolroom area. SO I guess we will need to crack the whip!

We took grandma C. to the Chinese restaurant for lunch the other Sunday...she loves Chinese. You like fried rice....

when passing through my parents' town the other week you wanted me to stop and take a picture of all these vending machines lined up...I had never seen a PRINGLES vending machine before!

Of course you have spent some time with your cousin Audrey too this summer...and you always enjoy that.

Your grandma and grandpa Lincoln got a new dog but we have not made it over yet to see it....

It has been SUPER HOT these last couple of weeks...with the heat index ranging between 105 and 115 degrees! We have needless to say stayed indoors a lot. We did venture out to see the latest Harry Potter movie in 3D..that was fun and a good movie....and I loved the previews coming out for new movies....some of them look amazing. got your test scores back for the state.....did okay there...but could have done better on the math I think...I think you freeze up on tests get so stressed out about them. for now...lots to do today. It is noon and you are still asleep! You are going to have to start going to bed a little earlier!

I love you!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dear of our best days ever!!

or at least I thought so! I only had to work half day on Saturday...and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Only low 70s...lots of big fluffy clouds in the breeze perfect kind of weather for summer! We decided to go to Idle Hour Ranch in Troy, Ohio for a visit. It was an awesome place....where you can get up close and personal with many animals.....even feed them. It was a wonderful outing...and I am sure we will go back again! YOUR favorite part was mining for gems....where you could play around in the liked this so want me to build one just like it in our backyard.

We saw elephants, kangaroos, parrots, horses, giraffe, camels, a yak, goats, llamas, pigs, coyote, cougar (forgot to snap a pic of him), elk, ostrich, tortoise, fish, owl, prairie dog, fox, dogs, just a lot of wonderful animals! You could feed them too if you wanted. They were giving elephant rides this weekend...the elephants were actually here for 3 weekends only visiting in between other shows they do somewhere else for another touring group.....soon some tigers will be stopping by the ranch for a visit...

here is a link to the ranch...


After we left the ranch we went to CiCi's have been wanting to go there for a long time and a new one had opened in Huber was fantastic food and wonderful restaurant. The pizza was excellent and they had some new kinds of pizza to try! I like the thin crust authentic Italian and macaroni and cheese ones the best! You liked sausage and sausage and ham pizzas the best. You were in heaven!

Then we drove down to hit up the Covered Wagon Farmer's Market in Union, had some amazing things there....anything from soaps, candles, candies, fresh homemade Amish baked goods and canned goods.....fresh vegetables...dried goods....etc....and flowers and plants outside.

While looking inside we saw a beautiful buttefly or moth that had gotten trapped down in a bin between some packages of crackers. I thought it was fake at first....looked almost like wood lying there...but you said no and touched it and he began to move around. I told him if he wanted to live he better get on my finger so I could take him outside..and HE DID! I had you open a side door inside the store and the moth/butterfly turned around and looked at me..and I said to " can go you are free!" and it turned around the other direction and flew away towards the flowers. He looked like this...sort of....

I bought some peanut butter fudge, banana bread and pumpkin bread among other things...and even though I do not need another candle..they had some clearance hot buttered popcorn candles on sale and that is a discontinued scent and smells so yummy...I got one!

link to Covered Wagon Farm Market

Covered Wagon Farm Market

We saw my cousin and husband in the store while there and they invited us over to see their house down the road when we were done next up was a drive over there....then we drove to Arcanum to see grandma C....had a wonderful visit with her as well....

you went outside to catch lightning bugs before we left....

The weather was gorgeous.....the night was just we rolled all the windows down in the car/truck and drove around..the lightning bugs sparkled in the was almost like being in a convertible and you and I loved it! You want to do it again...and we will...cause I loved it too!

We had an awesome day...and it was even better for me cause I got to share all that with you! I have decided no matter how I may look or feel...this is our life NOW...and we better live it now while we can and not wait around until everything is just right to do something. I hope you had as much fun as I did! You have been busy working on Sonic chatroom movies to load onto You Tube. You have become very creative with your storyline and now have included and designed your own Sonic characters to have different mouths and eyes so they show EMOTION when you load still pics to your is great...cause when the movie still shots move in the slide does make it look like the characters are MOVING and SHOWING EMOTION! ALL this is huge for you besides the creativity factor....because you really do understand emotions now and even how those emotions look on a face and in words. It is amazing.

We went a lot of places yesterday....ate at the park too...drove around our city.....went visiting....stopped at our local got to play with my cousin's dog....we just had an awesome time. I cannot say that enough.

I love you Noah...thanks for the wonderful memories. Hope you will always remember today too!


oh P.S....we went to see Cars 2 at our local theater on Friday...and it was also awesome! You loved it so much...laughed and giggled..said it was your favorite one ever....

Monday, June 06, 2011

Dear Noah.....a disagreement....

(Message reads..."Until you say you're sorry AND go to CiCi's pizza within 2 weeks, I'm not even going to talk to you till then. If the 2 weeks are up, I'm goodbye mom...cause I know you won't go till then"

You have been in a very argumentative stage recently...probably due a lot to your tween will be 13 in December. seem to want to argue with your mother about a lot of things. Now sometimes you are correct....but regardless of who is right or wrong...I am trying to teach don't argue with your mother...

Today we had thought about going to CiCi's pizza as a treat .....but before leaving you and I got into a started arguing with me again...and I said that was it....forget it...we would not go to CiCi's pizza. I was sick and tired of your attitude...thinking you knew everything and was always right about everything and this was clearly something I was right it pertained to a setting on our computers....long story..but basically you got very did apologize and start to cry..but I told you it would not matter anyway. You still did not deserve to go to CiCi's pizza today. I did not raise you to be disrespectful to me your mom...or your dad...or any of your elder relatives...etc. I told you your behavior would never get you anywhere in life with a parent, grandparent, future boss or girlfriend/wife. DEMANDING things and being argumentative was never a positive and usually you ended up with zip. AND the biggest lesson..there are always consequences for your actions and choices. Your consequence for being so disrespectful to me and then sending me this ultimatum message was not going to CiCi's pizza.

You tried to squeeze in how I am the WORLD'S BEST MOM...but, "YOU HAVE REALLY CRAPPY LECTURES!!" and you apparently hate them....and you started crying all over again. I am thankful you handle getting upset SOOOO much better than you used to. You have learned over time to keep yourself and emotions in pretty good control any physicality and to USE YOUR WORDS to express how you are feeling and what your needs are. I praised you for that. I told did the right thing by keeping it in check..and going to your computer to type out your anger to me in your ultimatum and threats were not a good choice...and again how all this was just so disrespectful to me.

I know notes like this will come ...hopefully not often...but they are always hurtful..even from you at 12 years of age or maybe if you are 50. Wait..if you would be 50 I would be 90 and I doubt I would give a crap ..I still would if I have my sanity intact. Words can be a positive or negative to anyone....we are to use our words to BUILD EACH OTHER UP...not tear each other down. I grew up in a verbally abusive ( and sometimes even physically abusive) time and I do my best to never subject you to a life like that.

BUT...after reading the note where you say you will leave.. I try to tell you a kid just up and leaving or trying to run away would be the worst thing you could ever do....there are perverts all over the world just waiting to get their hands on kids like do all sorts of horrific things to...if not ending up and even murdering you. You say you would go to your dad. I ask you said he would come pick you up. I then tell you we will call your dad...because your dad would have not only said the same things I did...he would have done the same thing.

We did call...your dad did say he would do the same thing...and that you had to learn there are consequences for your actions..and when you are being disrespectful, did not deserve a "treat"...

So all in all we talked more...oh sorry...LECTURED some we actually talked....I asked you if you understood everything and how you felt about things....and I wanted to hear your feelings and how you felt....and we went over everything again. AND finally got it all worked out...and no...we did not today....go to CiCi's pizza. That will be another day.....

I still love you...even if I have crappy lectures.


Friday, June 03, 2011

Dear Noah.....your mom singing to songs she JAMMED to in high school...

yeah...that song came on the car radio....and it took me back...I wanted to go CRUISING....with the windows down...and sing along with the song.

You just wanted to turn it off...and get out of the car as fast as you could...

love you anyway...


you're some kind of wonderful!


Dear Noah.....saving your words...

You have been really emotional lately..not wanting to go anywhere....just holing up in your bedroom...your sanctuary....watching videos on your computer or reading online comics....drawing comics in PAINT on your computer....

Last night when you went to bed we got to talking. You started have been crying at the drop of a hat this week. started to tell me you had a NEW SONIC character you had come up with to make a new movie but you were having trouble DRAWING her in PAINT on your computer. You have drawn characters before and I have always thought you did a good job considering you only have a mouse to use with your Paint program. That is hard to draw anything using a mouse. wanted to draw this girl character....but you could only do the front. You said you could not do the sides..and you became so frustrated in the finally gave up. You let me know that your art program this year in school did not show you how to do such things or show you how to SHADE characters you did draw.

I told you had never told me these things before...and I asked you why you never tell me things? I mean I will never know what is bothering you or what you might need unless you tell me. You said you were kind of following what you heard the average man does....only speaking about 2000 to 4000 words per day.

I about busted a gut on that one. I asked you, "WHAT???" and you proceeded to explain to me how you had read somewhere back in 2008 online that a man usually only speaks about 2000 to 4000 words per day and you were apparently trying to make sure to only do that...or thought you had to do that in order to be a man?

I told you most women yes speak MANY more words than you guys ever would..BUT..we also would LOVE it if you guys would open up your mouths more and let us know more about what you are thinking and how you are feeling and that in the future your future girlfriend would appreciate that from you too.

So I informed do come from a family of artists and creative people and if you wanted to learn to draw better it should be easy to do...and I could help teach you over the summer how to draw your comic characters better or even your grandpa or uncle...etc. We have many artists in the family and some taught art.

You are going to show me your special character tonight and we are going to start working on drawing her.

Saving your words.....what will you tell me next?

I love you....wordless or not.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Dear have a weird red ring/rash/sunburn around your right eye

It is only one first it almost looked like you got socked in the eye. It is not hot to touch...does not burn, itch or feel hot. Part of it almost looks bruised...weird. Not sure but wonder if you had your head turned in a strange direction in the pool or if something reflected up on you just on that side.....

Dear Noah....extreme weather recently.....

GIANT tree down the road from us that just got sucked up out of the ground and tossed over....

Hailstones in Brookville, Ohio from my sister's backyard....

More hailstones from Brookville, Ohio

Hailstones from Miamisburg, OHio

More from Miamisburg, Ohio

Centerville, Ohio hailstone...

Parking lot filling up with hailstones in Centerville, Ohio...

Damage done to car in Bellbrook, Ohio...they said the hail had to be falling about 100 MPH straight down for this type of CLEAN HOLE damage to have was like a bullet being shot!

Bellbrook, Ohio hailstones part 1....

Bellbrook, Ohio hailstones...part 2...

Bellbrook, Ohio hailstones part 3...

I did not take all these photos no....I gathered some from family and the rest from Channel 7 iwitness news buddies online.....

What can I say? We could have had it so much worse..but the rain, wind and hail along with almost continuous tornado warnings recently have been a little stressful! The hail storms we had the other night brought us some of the most damaging winds and hail ever seen in this part of the country ever! Hail that was 2.5 inches here...but 3 to 4 almost 5 inches in other parts of the state. It was just surreal. Here are a few photos of the recent hail....which damaged my sisters' cars....and shredded their screens...broke skylights....just incredible the damage it caused...and the winds...I am very fortunate and thankful it was no worse up here than it was...or anywhere..and we are all okay...and feel blessed we still are one piece...with our house and roof over our heads!

Noah you handled it all well....even when the worst of the hail came through and we heard sounds we have never heard before in our lives and hope to not hear again....and it was sat in the hallway with your shoes and would run out to check the news forecast.....we stayed up till about 2:00 a.m. or so that second night of bad weather.....we have had multiple tornado warnings...which now you rather enjoy....and I am just thankful we are all okay.

Love you!


Dear Noah....First swim day of sister had a get together/pool party...

We were invited to an impromptu pool party/Memorial Day/birthday get together at my sister's house on Sunday. You were excited because this meant SWIMMING as the pool at their clubhouse was open for the season. The water was extremely cold but you and cousin Audrey and your aunties and even cousin Alex got in the water and had a good time. You are already waiting on going swimming again.

Meanwhile we will be taking my car/truck back to the shop again tomorrow...because we are still having the same issue with it they reportedly fixed last week. Wonder what car we will get for a rental this next time round?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dear Noah....your purple/blue chin....

You came out the other day...and all the little blood vessels under your nose and around your mouth and under your chin were when someone vomits really had what looked like a purplish/blue hue on your beard area...and I could not figure out what you had done. Then all of a sudden the light went on in your head and you remembered what you went to the kitchen and got a snack cup...which you use all the time for snacks....and you brought it back in and demonstrated to me....saying..."I guess I did this too much!"

and here is what I saw....

you are a stinker....and I do recall seeing you all the time sitting around with these cups sucked up to your face. SO I told you should probably stop doing that ..and find something else to do ...cause you are bruising your face!

I love you crack me up sometimes.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Noah.....a stormy, windy night

Well you and I both love storms...and you always talk about tornadoes and wanting to be a storm chaser....but you really only like to look at these from a distance I found out early this morning/late last night. I stayed up till almost 2:00 a.m. and let you as well because the weather conditions in our area was pretty weird and tornado watches and some warnings were out...and I wanted to make sure I was awake if we needed to take cover...etc. I do admit I dozed off and on while watching the onslaught of forecasts....but...finally when the watches and warnings had been lifted I went to bed. So did you. I woke up about 2:40 to find you standing at my bedroom window looking out and crying. I asked you what was wrong. You said you were really scared...afraid of the winds...afraid we were going to have a tornado. I told you the warnings and watches had been was only the wind...and we had a wind advisory till 7:00 a.m. You still cried. I asked you how long you had been up...and you said about 20 minutes. You apparently had gone out in the living room and turned on the weather channel...and then came back into my bedroom and stood looking out at the clouds in the dark. Afraid we would have a tornado in the dark.

I let you get into my bed. You were actually shaking you were so scared. I have never seen you like this before. You cried...I told you everything was fine. You were afraid the wind was going to break your bedroom windows and suck everything out of your room. I told you I thought you always liked tornadoes and wanted to be a storm chaser..but you finally admitted you liked looking at those from a distance...not being IN one...

I got my phone and we got online and looked at the weather forecast. It said what I had said....that we had a wind advisory and flash flood watch. You felt better after seeing that..and were ready to drift off to sleep. This was almost 3:00 a.m. My phone tone went off 1-1/2 hours later for me to get up for work.

I love you Noah. You still have not learned to wake someone up when you are in need of something. I wish you would have woke me up sooner and let me know you were that upset. I love you very much! Right now we have tons more rain and some hail. We are enjoying this storm together.

Love you,


Friday, April 22, 2011

Dear Noah....Easter eggs....

well...what can I say? You spent maybe all of 5 minutes on RINGS on these eggs came this way...once they were dyed the rings appeared all by themselves. My mom had eggs that did this one year Noah did not really have to do much to them I guess.