Friday, June 10, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well you have not wanted to go anywhere the past 2 days. You have not even wanted to get out of your PJs and/or brush your hair or teeth. In your words, "I'm not going anywhere today". I eventually either coax you to get dressed or at least brush your hair and teeth. What was just an occasional thing is now something you want to do every few days for a couple days at a time. Now today is Friday....EAT OUT day as you I imagine you will WANT to get dressed so you can go out.

I wonder about these episodes and if there are fleeting or something new you are starting? I don't worry too much about them at least for now, as I personally don't care if there are days when you would prefer staying in your PJs all day. However, am I wrong for doing that?

I guess time will tell.

RAINING and so nice and great sleeping weather. Guess that is why you are still in bed!

I LOVE YOU my little sweetie pie!


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