Monday, June 13, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well after a couple week break I have more school work planned out for you to do here at home this week. You were so excited about restarting it you did about 6 worksheets of things last night.

You really seem to LOVE fractions and can understand that concept. Course you are a visual learner and that is how you are being taught about fractions. Word problems will be a bit more challenging for you I think. You are a great reader but the COMPREHENSION is what is problematic for you although you have greatly improved.

Anyway, you have had a trying couple of weeks. You have not wanted to go anywhere for fear "you would have too many strangers around you". So we have been pretty much homebound for a couple of weeks....only venturing out long enough to make a quick run somewhere...or just Mommy or Daddy going somewhere and the other staying home with you. SO unlike you...but very common in the autistic world!

OKay.........I don't think anyone saved this video clip...but I found out yesterday you had taken my digital camera into the bathroom and RECORDED yourself peeing and then the toilet water flushing and swirling down. You thought it was hilarious while I was watching the clip and HORROR came over my face when I saw the ANGLE to which you were recording the toilet water being flushed as I realized MY CAMERA could have fallen down into the water!

I have told you in the past the bathroom was OFF LIMITS for recording ANYTHING. I told you that before but I guess you snuck in there and did it anyway.

You are something. Some of the things you come up with to FILM and record are unique. Like rolling the camera over and over in your hands you say to "make it look like you are riding on a roller coaster". You try really amazing get on the floor and record toys rolling by the camera. You record ceiling fans and fans up close to see the blades moving around. You put the camera in your big TONKA dump truck yesterday and pushed it across the floor and it filmed (FROM a driver's view point (if he was small enough to fit into the TONKA truck). So you think of things like that ....which I have never thought of and it makes some of your clips quite interesting!

You also made a comment yesterday....I can't remember now what about..but it was using some words we did not know you knew. Nothing bad...but BIG words. Daddy asked me if I had told you those words...I said no.

Your speech is getting a lot better. You speak more slowly for words you have had a hard time with in the past which makes it easier for us to understand you.

Well..I am behind on my work AS USUAL and need to get to it for a bit.



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