Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Wish I had recorded you earlier

I wish I had recorded your biking episode earlier Noah. I guess that is a classic example of what I was talking about when I said autistic kids playing at parks or with other kids can be different than just another kid playing with other kids. It would have really captured it and shown others what we meant. While I thought about it when the kid was coming around you on that corner and I had my camera with me, I also was hoping that this time you would do well and respond okay and remain aloof to his presence.

But it was not to be today at least. Now...I have to ask myself, "did you learn anything from today's experience?". I am not convinced. I think if the same scenario played out again you might still be bothered. But you might also now be more aware and think to yourself, "mommy said it is okay for other kids to ride their bikes and they can go around me". But you have this competitive edge about you even when there is no competition going on. SO it would probably still get to you that another kid was passing you up or riding faster than you were.

Anyway....I love you!


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