Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Welcome to My hell~!

OH brother. First day of summer and Noah daddy set you off again. Funny he had just come to me and told me he had figured out HOW to talk to you to NOT set you off. I heard him in there telling you all these places we needed to go and or things we needed to do today. Just that alone can overwhelm you and upset you.

However he took things a step further and was telling you you were NOT recording something with my digital recorder as you only had the camera by the speaker at your computer. You tried to tell him you were recording the sounds from Roller Coaster Tycoon but never got that far...as he kept telling you you were NOT recording. Not being acknowledged really upsets you. You stomped on the floor and had a fit. Daddy of course does not know to just LEAVE the room....and let it go. He yelled at you then for stomping...which is not allowed here as someone lives below us. AND then instead of leaving it rest when it sounds like you are calming down some....he again says "ALL I WAS TRYING TO SAY WAS...." and goes through the entire speal again! You screamed twice to the top of your lungs.

I go in and then take over and told Daddy to leave the room. I was telling you also to NOT stomp or scream or act like that but to use your CALM DOWN book to calm down and reminded you of HOW you should act if you got upset. You looked at me and was crying and said "Daddy was saying I was NOT recording but I was recording I am recording the sounds on the speaker". I told you that was FINE and to not worry about what daddy said. It was my camera and I understood the fact that you were recording, etc. You came over and hugged me and kept hugging me. SEE....someone GOT YOU! UNDERSTOOD YOU.....and you were relieved.

I am so tired of the crap your daddy can put you through because he seems to forget that you are autistic and just cannot be dealt with in the same manner that another child might be able to be handled. TIME AND TIME AGAIN this happens.

ABOVE will be the sound clip of what happened as Noah was recording at the time and caught it all. THIS my friends cannot be a great way to live for regular people let alone a child with autism and other issues.

Can someone please explain that to my husband>>>?????

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