Saturday, June 11, 2005

Just So Everyone Also Knows...

Just so everyone understands:

Noah makes these sounds too at times (well most times I guess) for no apparent reason. I don't want to mislead everyone and make you all think he only makes these sounds after driving somewhere or for "a reason". Noah makes a variety of sounds and does on a daily basis. Over and over and time and time again. MOST times for NO apparent reason and nothing has happened to cause him to make a sound. He just seems to need to do it. So we let him. It seems to calm him down. I can totally GET it when he does the more mild humming type sound that sounds similar to what people do when they meditate. However, when he does these more intense sounds it is hard for us to understand how that can actually be calming to him though it is.

So anyway, I understood some of the sounds he made after our trip and WHEN we drive anywhere even now. However, the clips below were MONTHS after the trip to Ohio and driving anywhere. He was just sitting in his room playing on his computer and making those sounds.

Okay.....hope that clears it up! ;)

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