Monday, June 27, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well you did pretty well at your physical therapy evaluation. It would have taken longer than the 45 minutes they allot but they pushed us through and got most of it pretty much done.

The main thing is...since you are 6 years old we are not sure how many visits Kaiser will cover for you. However, we are also not sure how many visits you will actually require! It sounds like it may not be as many as we thought. The physical therapist is thinking that if we get some braces/orthotics for your shoes to help correct your flat feet, fallen arches and one shorter leg then you will walk correctly and not hold your legs and hip funny on the right side and your leg pain and body posture will improve and you will get stronger, etc. We also have to stretch your hamstrings every day for they are too tight.

SO.....we also will meet the orthotist next week and they are going to try to get you into occupational therapy sooner so we can combine the PT and OT if possible...and eventually we will do the speech therapy once that referral has come through. Meanwhile they are also going to be doing social skills groups/classes at the same place so it will end up being pretty nice if we can do all your therapies and classes in one spot!

Just getting everything organized is taking time. We have to go Wed. to apply for the Medicaid waiver and anything else we can so we can get those balls rolling. Longterm funding for things may have to be paid for by another source other than insurance so we need to set it up NOW.

So all in all you did well today. You cried when she measured your legs but you did well otherwise.

I love you lots!


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