Saturday, December 31, 2011

Entertrainment Junction - Noah and I took a trip!

We went to Entertrainment amazing train much to see and do! So many model RR is an awesome place if you love trains! Here are a few pics and video clips from our trip!

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Dear Noah: Robin Spielberg piano concert

When you were little...I introduced you to piano music played by Robin Spielberg. You fell in love with her music just like I did...and listened to it a lot. During our trips from Colorado to Ohio it was a popular choice of CDs to listen to during the long drive...especially if we wanted you to relax and go to sleep. When you were little and riding in the car you seldom slept...I guess afraid you would miss seeing something. You were the best little traveler I have ever known though...and loved going for drives and trips in the car. You STILL DO! You never tire of it. But Robin's music became something you really enjoyed. Here is a clip of you when you first began listening to her music...this song was one of your is called "BUTTERFLY" from Robin's "IN THE ARMS OF THE WIND" CD

Well..Robin Spielberg came to our city of Greenville, Ohio to play at our local Memorial Hall and I bought us tickets to go see were SOOOOO excited to find this out and to go see her in concert. I only took a couple of pics and they did not turn out great.

Arriving for the show....Memorial Hall in Greenville is beautiful!

When we got there...there were a lot of very "formally" dressed people...and a lot of older people. You made remarks about this several times. You said, "Wow there are a lot of elders here tonight." Pretty soon you leaned over the balcony railing where we sat in the front row and said, "Wow there are even MORE elderlies down there!" and "I think I am the youngest person here tonight!" followed by "I think the entire retirement home is here tonight!!"

There were a lot of "elderlies" there as I am sure they like Robin's music too. It is sooo peaceful and relaxing. If you ever cannot sleep her CD is a good way to relax and wind down. Robin even talked about that herself during the concert...about how if we noticed a person sitting beside us nodding off to just gently nudge them awake again.

This is pretty poor quality because while ROBIN said it was okay to take pics or movie clips the "elderlies" around us seemed very irritated when I got my camera out, even though I did not use a flash but I wiggled my hand and the pic turned out crappy. Next time I won't care what they think and do a good job!

You almost dozed off twice and I was tired myself. We have been busy reorganizing and cleaning the house. Your dad is coming in from Colorado for a visit and that finally lit a fire under me to get things in order around here.

I asked if you would be able to sit through the second half of the show after intermission but you started to think maybe you could not. You were tired and hungry. So we left a little early. I asked if you wanted to meet Robin in person but you said, "NOOOOOOO!" to that idea and out the door you went.

I know when she first came on stage you looked at me and told me,"I am going to use the hood of my coat and hide my smile on my face when she comes out" because you were certainly grinning.....A LOT! A BIG, HUGE grin!

Well...after the concert we went to pizza hut and I treated you to pizza...then home to crash.

You have been staying up way too late again at night....and sleeping in then very late to make up for it. While this works out well, as I can work during the time you really is not a great habit for you to get into.

Today you had to do a benchmark test to see if you have improved in math and reading to prepare you for the Ohio State Achievement testing in late spring. You got a perfect score last time in Reading and a good enough score to pass the test in math as well. This time I hoped you would continue to show improvement in math and you did! You beat your first score by almost an additional 50 points and scored perfect on the algebra section. And you think you don't like algebra!

We are getting ready for Christmas. We have totally redone your room and wow it is looking great! I will have to post pics on another post.

I love you Noah. You sure are growing up so fast!