Saturday, June 25, 2005

What Do I Think About a Possible Link???

Tough to answer. I think no one really knows what causes autism. There are many theories out there and the link between mercury in vaccines and autism is just ONE of many.

I think probably having extra mercury in any vaccine for anyone is not a great idea. SO regardless of whether or not it "causes" anything I think the extra unsafe quantities should be removed. JUST MAKES COMMON SENSE.

Were we as a society part of some sort of bizarre covered up experiment at our kid's expense? I hope not. I guess we may never know cause if it is covered up by the "authorities" I am sure they would continue to cover it up and lie about it.

Is it good to live your life like that always thinking there is a conspiracy and cover up? I doubt it. You would never be able to trust anyone.

Do you deal with the hand God gave you? I think so. It is HOW you deal with that hand that matters most.

Most autistic adults I have talked to do NOT WISH for any CURE. They like their lives just the way they are. Most don't think of themselves as having any problem...WE are the ones they feel has all the problems. ;)

I was told by our pediatrician that he did not feel mercury poisoning was causing autism. It would cause mercury poisoning which does indeed have many of the symptoms of autism, but it would be mercury poisoning. They have done some studies (that we don't seem to ever hear about) where they have found the brains in children with autism have actually developed a bit differently when they were being formed. So the actual brain looks different after BIRTH (before vaccines)....which is what they are thinking probably causes the autistic symptoms to come out later on. I think this could very well be the case. It makes sense. Certain parts of your brain don't develop correctly and others might develop too much? A defect so to speak in the development of the brain. ALL causing the symptoms you see with autism.

MANY parents just don't want less than a perfect child and the work that goes along with all you have to do with raising that child. SO they will look to try to find ANY reason for why their child is the way they are so THEY CAN FIX IT. MAKE THEM NORMAL.

I have an autistic son so I can understand about being exhausted just thinking about all the extra time and effort it takes to raise that type of child today. However, at the same time I would not trade my son for another son ever. I also do not wish to cure him from autism just to make my life easier as he seems happy with his life as it is. I doubt he knows he has any "undesirable" issues or traits, unless we TELL him or a teacher told him. I just want to provide him with the skills necessary for him to make it in OUR world successfully. I understand some autistic kids are a lot worse than others and this may not ever be possible for them. There unfortunately are many handicapped and special needs people in the world today where that is the case. BUT....I also think if we start saying your child has to meet a certain criteria to be allowed into our world...we are walking a thin line and playing a very dangerous game. WHO has the right to say who should or should not be allowed in our world if you are handicapped? (oops....not perfect....back you go!)SO I don't know.

I think too much mercury causes mercury poisoning....which has some of the same symptoms of autism. Does it cause autism? I kind of doubt it. It may not help things...but I don't know for sure that it causes it. I find the last several paragraphs of the article I posted to be the most interesting. Go back and read them. It tells about how AFTER the extra mercury was removed from the vaccines, the cases of autism actually INCREASED in certain areas rather than decreased.

So this causes a lot of debate. There is even heated debates in support groups of parents with autistic kids. Many are gung ho on CURING their kids...."CURE AUTISM", "END AUTISM", "FIGHT AUTISM", "GET RID OF AUTISM", etc.

Others just want to help their kids learn the skills necessary to live in our world. In my mind stamping out Noah's autism would be like stamping HIM out. I don't think I could ever bring myself to do that. While he may have his idiosyncrisies, I love him just the way he is!!

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