Monday, February 28, 2005

MILESTONE for Noah!!

Yesterday was a milestone for Noah. He got upset about something Keith did and went through his usual semi-fit....but started to try to calm down faster...he even went and got his CALM DOWN BOOK. He has been "catching" himself lately most times but not always. He catches himself and KNOWS finally he is getting upset and sometimes knows and remembers he should not act if he catches himself he gets his CALM DOWN book and looks through it for visual cues as to how he feels and what he can do to calm down...etc. Well Keith made him mad yesterday with something to do with the computer in his room. He was getting very upset cause Keith was not listening to him try to explain what was wrong...which really sets Noah off...and I don't blame sets ME off when he does that too!

Anyway...he was kind of going through his usual trying time....but finally went into his his calm down book...and started to explain to his daddy HOW he was actually FEELING because of what Keith had done...etc. Noah has NEVER done that before on his own without that was an incredible milestone for actually explain to someone else HOW something made HIM FEEL.

So he is making some progress.....little over time but progress. This I feel was HUGE!

Today he again explained HOW HE FELT about some things. SO AMAZING and so LONG overdue it is so nice to hear him say things like that now!!