Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dear Noah...wrapping it up.... is pretty much wrapped up for the year. You have a final in Algebra and Language Arts but otherwise you are done and have been. I think they will let you all do some extra credit if you want as well.

We have decided not to continue with Ohio Virtual Academy for your high school years. I think it was great for elementary and middle school but there are many changes in high school that are going to be huge problems for you.

The classes will no longer be self-paced. Even with an may get behind or be totally stressed out and not really grasping everything you could at the pace they set in high school. You actually did 2 high school classes this year and it is completely different than middle school. In high school you will be required to attend class have 6 classes daily and most will have class connects. You will also still have all your regular classwork and assignments to do in addition to these because if these class connects are like the ones we have attended thus far....I am sorry to say it is more a waste of time as it goes very slow and usually covers things you have already covered yourself or with my help. SO...we end up spending time there when it could have been used elsewhere. The school is saying you will work on assignments due that day in the class connects and not have to spend any additional time on your own to do work, but we already know that is not ever usually the case. We had heard there were reports of kids spending a lot more than 6 hours per day on school could potentially spend 6 hours per day in class connects alone if each class had a class connect each day.

The school advertises flexibility and working at your own pace. That is only true for elementary school and middle school. That was the biggest reason we chose be able to work at our own pace....(which was usually ahead anyway)....but avoid stress...take downtime if we wanted to or when you needed to...they provide the curriculum and materials in case I did not have time to plan things out...and you would get an accredited high school diploma. Now if you take off or have vacation....all the work and assignments pile up and you somehow have to magically catch back up in addition to doing the current assignments.

You work better in the afternoons than mornings....but many classes will begin in the mornings. Sure you could watch recorded links if they have been recorded.....but  you would be doing school work till midnight. No longer would I be your teacher but instead you would have teachers and guidance counselors and all the same stuff you have in a regular brick and mortar school. I think some parents like that..but some like us do not really need all that and if I wanted you to have it that would still be attending a regular brick and mortar public school.

No more block scheduling of courses instead of picking when you want to do what is assigned...every day...each class....everything with due dates...etc. Gone are the days you can do all English or Art or Math one day and Science the next or in any combination you combining 2 classes of Art together into one day. No working ahead...etc.

You would obviously keep all your IEP accommodations but those have pretty much been trimmed down to the bare necessities and really only applied anymore to test taking as you do well academically....but OHVA is like many schools now....all gearing toward teaching for state mandated testing ONLY. SO much is being left out or lost because everything is done to prepare you all to only fill in bubbles....memorize things you will likely never use again in your lifetime...I could go on and on  but I am not going to invest that much time or energy into least not right now. 

So come fall, if not before..we will branch back out into homeschooling again on our own. I have already notified OHVA about this...and we know what to do as we have homeschooled before. I can give you a diploma myself when you graduate as I keep track of all your courses and grades and you will even have a transcript. MANY employers and even colleges accept these and/or would only require you to test as anyone else beforehand to show what you already know. I am not worried about any of that now.

I have my work cut out for me as I need to work with  you also this year on life skills...learning how to write well enough to fill out applications or paperwork....sign your name....keep a budget and pay bills...write checks...balance a checking laundry and outside as well as many things. You will also pick some things you wish to learn about this next year ...we will have MANY MORE field trips and to be honest...we are both excited about the way we used to learn together in our homeschooling so I do think these next 4 years will  be a lot of fun for you and me! SO MANY things continue to change regarding virtual online schools and homeschooling and public schools and state testing...etc.

So...lots of changes coming up for us again, but I know you will do well.

I love you Noah.


Friday, May 17, 2013

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Noah at the Abraham Lincoln traveling exhibit.....

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