Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dear Noah:

You are getting into homeschooling now that we picked it up again after the holidays. You are soaking things up like a GIANT sponge and cannot seem to get enough! I am teaching you and working with you......hope we can accomplish a lot!

i love you

last night you could not fall asleep. You wanted to sleep in my bed. I of course said I had to work and we worked so hard to get you to finally sleep in your own bed. You then asked for "COMPANY" in your bed. "REAL" company. I said you had all your buddies in bed with you....but you said "yes but they are not real!" "I want you to come sleep with 3:30 when you are done working you need to come into my bed and sleep with me."

I told you when I got done working at 3:30 or 4:00 a.m. I would check on you..........but to go to sleep. THANKFULLY you rolled over and fell asleep.

I feel sad for you during nights like that. Course there is also no REAL company in my bed either! hahahaah...and if I go back to allowing you to sleep with me in my bed.......I think we would never make a cut off age.......and you would think it okay to still be sleeping with me at 12 or something. Course then again maybe you would not want to....

There is something to say for the comfort one feels and security when having someone share their bed to sleep together. SO I understand how you feel. I just wish I could make you feel better in your own bed by yourself. FOR the most part you actually do very well......and probably did much better at adapting than I did.

I will miss snuggling up beside you forever. That is why I wrote this poem about it a long time ago......

Lying Here Beside You

Lying here beside you, listening to your breathing
Watching as you snuggle close, wondering what you're dreaming
Treasuring every second in time, the clock has ticked away
Now I find I'm looking back and wishing we could stay
In this special moment, forever two as one
In this special bond, between a mother and her son

Wondering where the time has went and admiring how you've grown
Wondering if my memories will fill me up till I have known
A thousand lifetimes on this earth all filled with memories of you
A thousand moments caught in time all thoughts of me with you

Will I be able to recall sounds of your laughter and your tears
your joys and your sorrows, your dreams and your fears
Will I be able to see your face in my feeble senseless mind
I can only pray for this, but time will tell if it is kind

So meanwhile I savor every moment, every second I have with you
Every breath that we take together, every moment, just us two.

Melinda A. Napoletano

Copyright ©2006 Melinda A. Napoletano

i will love you forever noah

mommy :X

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Noah and RR crossings

One of Noah's many RR crossing drawings on his Doodle pad....he comes up with UNconventional ways to make RR crossings!

this pic was taken with the new camera though....I think I like it a lot! nice colors and clear! very good.....can even get very very close!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Dear Noah:

here is a pic of you with the new camera. Wow....I wish I could snap my fingers and make the old baby front teeth come out and the new permanent front teeth fall down into place where they should be!

I DO HOPE and pray this takes care of itself soon......but I have been saying that now since summertime. I think it is time to take you to the dentist.

what crap that will likely be

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Noah's Progress

"At first I was excited, then happy, then I felt proud, and then I went back to normal, and in the end I was sad."

This is HUGE for it took me nearly 2 years for him to LEARN emotions and what they mean and how they LOOK on someone's face etc. He had no clue what HAPPY or SAD meant let alone how they took at least 2 years of prompting and looking at lots of emotion pictures and using them before he caught on and he still occasionally misreads things.

BUT to then take those and COMMUNICATE to me how he feels about something is taking things a step further. FINALLY at almost 8 years old he is able to do it and he does it pretty well.....though sometimes he still wants to act out instead of using his words to express how he feels about something. I have noticed more lately he will express instead how he feels with his words...which is HUGE progress for him.

I found what he said about how he felt at the end of Thanksgiving Day was pretty amazing coming from him. I had asked him what he thought about our party that day and having everyone over...etc. I guess it ended with him feeling sad because everyone had to go home and he would have preferred they all stayed.

Anyway......just wanted to share that :sledding: (I love this kid sledding)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dear Noah:

well......we may be doing a Christmas tree trimming party.......lots to think about

Friday, November 24, 2006

Dear Noah:

Well lots of hand flapping and body slamming later we have officially made it through our big Thanksgiving bash!

more later

love you

mommy :X

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dear Noah:


mommy :X

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dear Noah:

So we are getting things ready for the big Thanksgiving Day bash we are holding here as mommy is cooking dinner this year for our family.

Should be exciting......

i love you

mommy :X

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Dear Noah:

well 2 days ago you lost it. We were talking....well YOU were talking to me about wanting to go to Fazoli's for supper....this was Friday night and I said no......but you had been trying to explain something about driving there...I did not understand what you were saying. You got very upset very very quickly.......and all of a sudden lunged at me......growling with mouth open and hands you were going to try biting me on the forehead or nose. THE ONLY thing that stopped you from that moment of over-the-top rage and frustration was the fact that I reached up and grabbed your upper arms and held you away from me. Otherwise I think before you would have even realized what you had done you would have bit me. I was stunned......we went over this and over this........and you do not understand why you react that way just do.

I told you that you HAD to learn GOOD behavior and what was acceptable......or else you would get into some real trouble in life......and if things ever got to where I could not control you.....I would not know what might happen. I know the older you get this is an area of concern for me. That is why I am pushing for you to learn more socially acceptable skills now while young.

YOU normally do very well with calming down and not getting to that point like you did Friday night......but something in you snapped. This is a bit scary.

Anyway......since do try to explain how your mind works which I find fascinating. Like when I tell you to do something or ask you WHY you do will say "because my mind can't think about that is too busy thinking about traffic lights" (which is your current big obsession). This does make sense because I have had adult autistics explain it that way......there is just too much going on in your brain to allow you to listen to me really well sometimes.

Sometimes I can tell you to go get something and you are so OUT OF TUNE with paying attention to the CURRENT moment and go off like in a fog...wandering around aimlessly.....till I have to really talk firmly and give you step-by-step directions.

Anyway..........I try to set a good example for you by also not losing my temper or getting too mad in front of you. I have been able to count on one hand that number to date. However......I did lose my temper the other night....which I always feel horrible it bothers me immensely that the number of times I could count might possibly have to branch out to a second hand.

SO we will work through this together. You remind me to calm down and I remind you. You said we BOTH needed a calm down book. You could be right.

i love you

mommy :X

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dear Noah:

Well we went to the Lighted Horse Parade. I was a bit disappointed but you seemed to enjoy it. A couple of boys came over to where you stood and they seemed to really get into you. You all 3 had a good time. They were nice kids. One thing about a small town....most everyone is very very nice and friendly.

We came home and made rolled out gingerbread is now time for bed.

More later

i love you

mommy :X

Friday, November 17, 2006

Dear Noah:

I had a big oversized adorable Teddy bear I put on my bed the other night. When you came in to wake me up (yes role reversal now on this new schedule I keep) you said the cutest said "oh I see you had a little company last night!" always said that to me.....when you did not want to sleep alone......"I want a little company"...and when I said you had your stuffed bears and doll or would cry back "but they are not real".

Last night you decided to take BIG TEDDY off my bed and into your you carried him out into your room you said "ahhhhhh......more to love"............and you smiled. understand life's greatest treasure already.........



Dear Noah:

our life is coming along nicely. We are settling in......your room is really coming together......and you are already lovin it more.

Life is is what you make may as well enjoy it!

i love you and will forever

mommy :X

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dear Noah:

we are going to try to finish your room today. Hopefully we can!

love you lots!

mommy :X

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dear Noah:

Well......we have been working on your room today. I decided it was high time to get you more settled into your room where you could get your toys out more easily.....your books.....etc. I decided to put the 5 foot table I got from K-mart into your room rather than the office for now. I will get another one for the office area. YOU need your room done. This offers you more space for your computer and a work area too.....I got 2 sets of shelves up in there and we are putting your books away. It is looking good. Your piano is now on it's stand and can be left out all the time so you can play it anytime you want. You are already feeling more comfy in there and I am thankful we will have it done likely tomorrow or the next day.

I am going to finish putting some things away tonight......and clean up. I will finish getting the rest of your books and stuff out tomorrow. AND deciding for sure where everything will go. We are at least making your room functional which is a MUST....and long overdue. I am also working in the office/arts/craft room.......going to finish setting that up. I am happy finally because things are taking shape! IT is about time. I wanted to get this done for a long time....but definitely before this weekend......most of it....and the rest BEFORE Thanksgiving comes around.

I know now we will meet our goal so that is good news. Not sure about curtains and new bedding but it will be very very presentable and more comfy for you to be in.

Okay....back to it.

love you lots.....

mommy :XXX

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dear Noah:

Saturday night is the Lighted Holiday Horse Parade......sounds like it will be a blast...we are going......your cousin Audrey and a couple of aunties might also be there...should be fun. Hope we can get a great place to sit......and I can take some sort of pictures. Unfortunately my camera that I did have to take movies too are now broken....sigh. said you did not want to see Santa who is coming in the parade.....because "I am not done with my Christmas list yet!"

okay then.

love you

mommy :X

Monday, November 13, 2006

Dear Noah:

hey there...I think one of my posts for a day or two is missing...not sure how that happened....but I have been posting every day.

Oh matter.

Grandma C. just stopped by.....she was in town. We are going to go to her house for supper. You are MORE than excited as we have not been out for a long time since I have been sick.

Love you lots!


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dear Noah:

Lately if you get upset about something you grab your doodle pad......stomp off to your room and write me a MESSAGE about whatever it is upseting you and you use lots and lots of EXCLAMATION points to make your exasperation known! do a great job....and this calms you down in the have to take time to leave the room.......write.......breathe.....shove the doodlepad in my face.......make a face at me......and I can respond back on the doodlepad. BY the time we are done sending one has yelled or screamed.......and we usually.....meaning mostly you...cope and handle things prett well and are more easily ready to bend.

YEAH for your progress Noah.

I love you

mommy :X

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dear Noah:

You are so cute. We were grocery shopping the other day......2 little ladies walked beside us....down the LOUDLY said "look mommy......they are cute....those are LITTLE people"...."one is a grandma and one is just a mommy" (in case anyone does not know....there is a show on cable called Little People or something like that which is about LITTLE people...dwarves.....and their lives....Noah is fascinated with it)

Tonight the Wizard of Oz is on.......the twister scene just took place...Noah was all excited as he loves tornadoes! He was talking about how he had never heard of a town called MUNCHKINLAND......and how the tornado picked Dorothy's house but did not kill her....and then he looked at me and said "thank God the tornado did not kill her but it only moved her and her house far far away." ( I thought to myself yeah or there would not have been a movie!)

I chuckled to hear you. Your speaking is getting so much better all the time.........and.......your PROPER English too....and how you come up with all these cut sentences and phrases....out of YOUR MIND as you say.

i love your mind........i love you

mommy :X

Thursday, November 09, 2006

some additional links

ALSO ....don't forget...your local public home school will be able to provide you with a list of what subjects your child should be learning dependent on their age and grade. They sometimes also offer free online helps and aids for homeschooling parents to use as resources. I take advantage of those!

For occupational needs and sensory integration needs you can do from home here are a couple of additional links:

and therapy tools:

Homeschool helps

Image Hosted by

I was asked by a blogger friend for some helpful links and suggestions on homeschooling our then I thought perhaps others out there may be able to find some of my links and information helpful so I thought I would share.......

First order to be successful in homeschooling I think you have to learn to DE-school as you probably already know. Forget that you always have to have a textbook to teach by...cause in reality you just do not have to.

Noah was not always verbal. In fact he did not really talk at all till about 4 years of age and then it was brief ...1-2 words at a time....and most could not even understand him then. He has made HUGE strides.......he did take some speech therapy but even you can do that at home yourself. For Noah we also checked out some books and videotapes from the local library on SIGN LANGUAGE....and the ones geared for kids..........and he quite easily along with us picked up basic signs for basic communication which helped him tremendously! Here are some helpful links for speech therapy aids and communication aids: (yes this site has wonderful speech communication tools)

MOST autistics are very visual.......

We also used PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) or basically little PICTURES of different things or activities or emotions....that you can laminate and put velcro on the backside to make STORY LINES or social stories....or even so the child can go grab ONE picture of let's say "I'm hungry" and bring it to you to show you they are hungry. These can be as detailed or simple as you can make your own up or there are sites offering them. Some sites you have to pay...I used for most of my PECS till I at least got the hang of the system and then you can pretty much do your own. They explain it pretty well on their site.

I too had hard times with Noah trying school....and he too could not always tell me what happened there.....and he had issues with being HURT or things happening to him it appeared to us anyway.....during school time. I was not happy about that and to be honest I am thankful I yanked him from public school BUT using PICTURES helped him show us what was happening....and he could express himself finally in a way everyone could understand. All he had to do was grab a card with a picture and/or several and make a sentence to communicate with us.

Your local library can have many books you can use for teaching things. I also found some wonderful resources online......and even some FREE ONLINE school stuff that your child (if computer savy) can really have a good time with and learn at the same time! The most recent website for online learning for many grades is at Again it is free but you can also pay for a membership and receive even MORE things.

Also another good one is where you can pay a small fee and have TONS of worksheets and teaching tools at your fingertips! They are really good too.

For more free lesson plans including for art and music and such these sites are good:

for kid homework helps this is a good link:

I also found some wonderful teaching tools at local school supply places or even online such as

AND some at Target...they have cool BIG LEARNING BOOKS with CDs inside that your child and you can work through......they are usually sold by GRADE and include all the basic stuff that grade should be learning. Noah loved these and at only 15.00 per book/CD they were good.

I also just incorporated things into Noah's learning that I wanted him to learn too....or things that interested him. If he was into trains for example we would do extra stories and learning or math all based on a TRAIN theme.

ALSO.......USE THOSE ELECTRONIC learning toys out there...they are GREAT for kids. Noah still uses them. He has used his Leap Pad for lots of learning....especially now that they also sell GRADE LEVEL reading, math, science, social studies, geography, human body, all sorts of subjects. He loves it and he is also PLAYING he thinks so he has a great time but it counts as school and he is learning!

Homeschooling I also let Noah just wing it sometimes. Most times. If he gets tired we don't push things. He will pick things up just in everyday life. Those skills are important too...they are some of the BEST social skills he will ever get! SO even that counts towards school and is usually something they will not be receiving in regular school unless it is written into an IEP plan or something.....and it is so needed. Making and using puppets to act out social stories you come up with also were huge hits. Such as "stranger danger"...."fire safety"......"good manners on the playground"..etc. You can make puppets and then act out scenarios with the child of what NOT to do and then WHAT TO do.......until they "get it!".

It is really so much fun teaching Noah! I wish I had a separate WHOLE room to use as a classroom but even incorporating it into his bedroom or my office area has worked. Even just the kitchen table!

You can also get craft books from the local library for seasons and work on THEME items based on the time of year. Sometimes they even incorporate a story to learn something....for example you might have an apple project and then they also teach you about Johnny Appleseed.

I also found some MUSICAL CDs with learning things on it. Music and song and MOVEMENT are key with Noah. He loves it and it works! I put some song/music links above....those are always great ways to just have fun...move.....take a break.....and work on phonics and communication all at the same time!

I am sure this sounds a bit overwhelming but it does not have to be. In fact.....we no longer go by a SET time to start or even end school. We do it when we want......little bits at a time......I make sure to get the things in there we need to....and it is fine.

OH...and don't forget....your local library has MANY teaching videos now......which are great! AND if your child is not yet very verbal.....DO TRY those Baby Bumblebee videos which basically is just a video made up of kids doing different things and filming of different things and then someone SAYING the word and SHOWING the word on the screen in front of that object. THIS was a GREAT way Noah learned to talk..........I think you can even buy them....but our local library had we would check them out for free. AND they have other learning videos....things on geared again for kids and FUN!

And take advantage of your local museums, zoos, and even the grocery store for field trips and learning. I believe in teaching your child basic life skills along with required they will be better prepared to be on their own one day. With special needs children this is an even greater requirement that we as parents need to meet.....because they will have an even harder time making it one day in the world. A good head start is great! This can be as simple as having them help you with cooking....which by the way is also a great way to teach them different forms of measurement and fractions. Or having them open a bank account and learning to keep track of money...the value of money....working to save money for something special. They can also help sort laundry and load laundry into the washers and dryer. ANYthing that is part of activities of daily living you can incorporate also into your school day.

Same for basic hygiene skills. I have found making a visual chart works best for Noah.....with a list of things he has to do every day. He can then take stickers and mark off things as he has successfully completed them and he can earn rewards.

I also use rewards in the classroom setting.....but not as much as I used to. I have a glass milk bottle....that we drop old CRAYONs down into whenever Noah has successfully listened for the day. Once the jar is full....he gets to pick a prize from the treasure chest. This is nothing huge...just a plastic container from the dollar store filled with crepe paper wrapped dollar store items. Make the goal ATTAINABLE and the crayon jar or marble jar or whatever you use not TOO large....or they will feel like they are working for nothing!

I did the same thing with a reading program for Noah. I got this huge door-sized paper and drew books on shelves.......sideways.......we wrote in the spines of these drawn on books on this paper the names of books Noah read as he completed them. Once an entire row or shelf of books was completed he got a SPECIAL prize. You can also PURCHASE this same thing from school supply stores for not too much money. Noah loves to read so he really enjoyed this and you will also be amazed at just HOW much you read by keeping track in this way.

For learning all types of religions this link is helpful:

AND I think that is enough to keep most busy. I have never purchased an actual curriculum from anyone or any company. I use a variety of online tools and cheaper things you can find locally to teach Noah. A lot of resources are now free which is ideal. Hope this helps others out there who are thinking about homeschooling their child...whether they are special needs or not!

Dear Noah:

If you look really closely inside your mouth on this picture you would see that your baby front tooth is now hanging so low inside your should be about ready to COME OUT! I wish you could keep wiggling it to get it to come out so your new front teeth that are already there would have room to fall down into place!

So wiggle wiggle wiggle!

love you lots

mommy :X

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dear Noah

here is a clip of you doing homeschool with mommy LAST are such a smart boy...i love you! :X

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dear Noah:

You have been such a joy lately but also such a challenge......thank goodness the toilet paper wiping episode is have been much more playful with me than usual which is great!

anyway.........i love you lots........

mommy :X

Monday, November 06, 2006

Dear Noah:

You have been wired like a top lately. Not sure why. It was an experience taking you to Wal*Mart last night. You got sooooo excited to find out that YES INDEED they DO sell the Pillsbury Deluxe Chocolate Chip Cookies with Hershey Kisses that you love!

so........all is well in your world again. For now....cookie withdrawal over........

and I think I am finally starting to feel better.

I love you

mommy ;X

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Dear Noah:

You were in a great mood last night. You really enjoyed the marathon yesterday on the Food Network where kids were doing all the cooking!

Then you enjoyed watching Dog Whisperer. ....and finally we danced to some music as I was actually feeling a bit better......and then you said "I want to play with you......come into my room!"

progress is being made

i love you

mommy :X

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dear Noah:

I had a weird dream last night. At the end you were in it. It bothered me so much it woke me up.

that is all I will say about that.

love you my little man! You just had a hissy fit over something......

mommy :X

Friday, November 03, 2006

Dear Noah:

wow. I have been sick all week so I have tried to stay away from you as much as least not being directly in your room and playing right beside you for long...etc. I have not felt like doing school or playing.....guess you have noticed but took it in an entirely different light. just came to me and said this" I need to see daddy...I wish daddy would come pick me up and fly me back out to Colorado." When I asked you why you said "cause I love daddy more than you (with a wicked finger pointing) and he gives me more company than you."

This crushed me. I know you do not understand why I have avoided being directly around you this week even though I have told you why. AND you are always the one telling me "no mommy....shut my door....I want privacy" and never want to come out and do anything with me.

Well bud that will change now. No more DAY-LONG privacy sessions for you. You can just get your buttocks out of your room and come out and do things with me whether you want to or not. You will have to play with me regardless of whether you want to or not.

I was afraid this would happen. Yeah...daddy has turned into a FUN person. The person you think you always can do FUN things with and have FUN with. WHY? Because you do not live with him and have REAL LIFE with him. You only see him on vacations and free days. SO when you are with him it is always about having a good time! Daddy does not have to work during that time. He is not sick during that time. He can devote his entire day to you!

I know you notice that. SO when you have to come back to me.........oh no. Reality sets in. It is not always fun here. Sometimes mommy is busy and has to work more so I can pay the bills and that means you have to do things on your own. Sometimes I get too busy with work and feel crappy and it slows me down and I am at it all day long. I cannot stand this but what am I to do?

Sometimes I am sick like now and can barely make it by the normal day let alone do extra special things with you. This week I have not been able to homeschool you because I have just been too sick.

You see it differently. I guess mommy is not fun...not much COMPANY. You are always going into your room and shutting your door. We live in the same house but separate. That has to stop. AND I guess it will start now ...tonight. I guess if you get sick you get sick.

i love you.......but you have really hurt me....even though I am sure you do not have a clue you did.

mommy :X

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dear Noah:

I still feel like crap......though I MAY be getting a bit better. I wish I could snap my fingers and be back to normal health-wise. You have been really good about finding things to do to keep you busy while I am sick.

My work is suffering too. ....I am making all sorts of typos today.

I love you!

mommy :X

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dear Noah:

For 2 nights in a row now you have been sticking your finger up your nose to make it bleed. Picking is one thing.....not sure about this. You came to me and leaned over and whispered in my ear: "now is okay for me to eat my blood is good for my it okay for me to drink blood?" things like that. It sort of freaked me out a bit! I asked you if you liked the taste of blood and you said "OH YES!" all excited. You were wanting reassurance it was okay to drink blood. You kept telling me it would be good for you. I said I thought it was sort of just laughed and giggled. hum........I know kids can be lacking something nutritionally when they crave things like this. Not sure if this is an actual craving or you just want assurance that because you made your nose bleed picking is okay. I know with your semi-limited diet of foods you eat you most likely are lacking something.

i love you a lot.....but this was sort of spooky.....especially on Halloween night. I wondered if you had seen something about vampires and sucking of blood......but it was not like that. you lots noah

mommy :X