Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Dear Noah:

Okay...your mommy LOVES Christmas. Some think I am odd but I do. I am the kind who listens to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies all year long. I never tire of them. I anxiously look forward to when Hallmark comes out every year with their Season Premiere of ornaments (coming soon in July!). I decided to check online yesterday on Hallmark's website and sure enough...the CATALOG is already out online! SO many wonderful new ornaments coming out. We have quite a collection which will all become yours one day. SO we sat and looked at every page online yesterday and ooooooed and aaaaaaad. Making our lists of what we will have to get. Next we will go to the Hallmark store to pick up the catalog in person! Carlton Cards does not yet have their stuff online or in a catalog but we enjoy their stuff too. SO many wonderful memories and so many magical times let alone the day we officially celebrate Jesus' birth. Maybe those are some of the reasons we love that time of year so much?

Anyway...I hope you always will enjoy it as much as we do too. So far you seem to.

I love you more than the world Noah!


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