Thursday, July 28, 2005

I often wonder what you think about. You can sometimes get so worked up over the slightest things. Like today at lunch you said "my ice cubes are bleeding" because the ice had the reflection of your red lid on your cup shining on them and they looked red. I imagine things seem so complex and busy to you....but then I am sure there are other things that are extremely easy and simple for you to understand.  Posted by Picasa

My Angel Boy......

Such a joy....such a challenge. Just got off the phone with his therapists..or possible ones. Seems insurance companies like Kaiser won't always PAY for different therapies for kids EVEN IF they NEED it if they are over 5 years of age. So...Noah will unfortunately be left out of many PAID therapies via our insurance company as he is 6 1/2 years old and he is over the age limit. THIS I do NOT understand. I am well over 5 years of age and yet if I needed speech therapy or physical therapy my insurance (THE SAME ONE) WOULD cover it. Because it is considered LONG-TERM it somehow changes things. I am a bit mad about all this and will have to definitely seek out other completing the Colorado Medicaid waiver for Noah so he could get additional funds via that.

So many things he does not have to even think about now or worry about. I will do all that for him. BUT so frustrating for any parent to think that their insurance company will not cover and pay for certain things their child obviously needs. Noah will need speech therapy and occupational therapy long-term because of his autism and sensory integration issues. He will also need social skills training which I doubt our insurance will cover long-term either. A bit depressing...and sad. I feel bad for all the kids out there who are always denied coverage for needed medications and therapies while their parents on the same coverage ARE covered. Does NOT make any sense to me. AND I would gladly give up my portion of that coverage to be used for him instead if I could.

So basically we will end up being the therapists working with our son. We have dealt with the same problems in the public school setting, and in the physician setting all these years. The parents are the ones who truly end up being the TEACHERS for their children with autism and special needs. We will be the ones ending up working with Noah long-term on speech therapy or occupational therapy issues AND even the social skills issues. While I don't mind at all, I have to wonder what we are paying for when we pay for our insurance coverage?

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Dear Noah:

Well Daddy decided to not take off for vacation the rest of the days this week. I had told him he may as well work and SAVE some of that time off as we were not going anywhere anyway. He is really needed at work right now because of having to hire some more people and do other things...and his new supervisor had even asked if he could come in today and tomorrow.

SO I told him he may as well....which he decided to do...which is okay to you because he then let you pick out for him the other days he would take off in the future. You picked a Wed, Thurs, and Friday in September and the day after Thanksgiving. NICE!

Nothing else much new today. I got up early and stayed up to work for a few hours but then decided to lay back down on the sofa to sleep. Your daddy asked me if I was feeling okay. Seems if I am sleeping cause I am tired (and don't get enough sleep) that everyone thinks I am sick or something.

Anyway......sounds like they are starting the weekly mowing here. I need to go and get some things done.

I LOVE have been doing great!


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dear Noah:

Daddy is on vacation the next few days. Hope you two will get along! School will be restarting for you soon. I think Friday we will go and pick up a school desk for you for home. Not sure WHERE we will be putting it but we will be bringing it home. We need to do some serious remodeling!



Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dear Noah

Well you have had some good days and some moments in time where you just cry over the silliest things (at least they seem silly to us). Everything can be so over dramatic to you and "life or death" to you.

You were watching the Santa's Toy Shop on QVC's Christmas in July yesterday and last night. You saw a few toys you felt you had to have. This in itself is new as you have never till now said you wanted anything you have seen on tv like most kids would. SO you saw several toys and kept me posted "they are still available", "I must have that", "I really want it", "hurry before they sell out" and then the inevitable "they sold out" and you would cry and cry and cry. I mean CRY! I finally explained to you that just because you saw something you liked would not always mean you would get it! While you understood that (I think) you still went on and on about things. I did well though and DID NOT purchase anything....even for myself!

Mommy may be without a job soon so better to start watching or money now! My job will either change but continue in some capacity, end, change but be completely different, or maybe I will end up working for someone else. SO many what ifs right now. NOT something you need to worry about.

You still don't understand "he", "I", "her", "she", etc. Very difficult for you as is common with autistic people. You can even look at a woman or girl and will call them he or him or think they are a boy. You still do not always recognize a boy from a girl, etc. You call yourself "me" all the time. We will definitely have to work on this in school this year.

HUM....what else is new? MUCH COOLER TEMPS! We had been 105 and 104 and 103 and all different degrees of 100! Today it will only be in the 70s MAYBE. Right now it is still 59 degrees! SO nice. I have the balcony door open and can do laundry without worrying about heating up the house!

Last night in bed you cried.....again......when you realized once again that you did not get any of the toys you liked before they sold out. EVERYTHING is forever with you. In your mind. LIFE AND DEATH FOREVER MOMENTS IN TIME! So overwhelming for you to handle. You cried about it no longer being 105! You wanted it to stay 105! On and on about the temperature then. I tried to reassure you that it was "OKAY" to have days of cooler temperatures! You are afraid your SUMMER is almost over I guess. On one hand you want cooler temps and rain and snow. On the other you want it hot and warm and sunny. Hard to keep up with you sometimes!

Right now you are going ballistic on the sofa. I AM allowing it. I wish I had an extra room I could pad and put mats down and blow up bouncy things in it for you to just have at it! That is truly what you need sometimes. I will set a time limit for this however!

Okay....stew in the crockpot. Honey corn muffins to go along with that to bake later. Of course you will not be eating any of this.



Sunday, July 24, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well I got you to make it to church today even though you did not want to go. You were excited once there. Ran to our row. Stopped dead in your tracks when you saw a man sitting one seat beside where you normally sit. You started crying and freaking out. We calmed you down and told you it was OKAY to be different and have someone else sitting in that row too. Daddy took you to the restroom. You came back okay...but still wanted to move.

Meanwhile while you were in the restroom I proceeded to explain to this man in the row all about you. This man we know from church. He has cancer and today was on oxygen. I felt bad. I did not want him to think it was because of HIM. I explained about you having autism and having to have things "just so" or it would upset you. I also explained how I felt you needed to learn how to make these adjustments however....but that if we had to still move into a different row it would NOT be because of him. AND of course he seemed to truly understand it all and was trying to reassure me! He seems to have such strong faith and endurance!

You came back from the restroom. You had to move to another row so we moved 2 rows up! Pretty much in the front row! You did pretty well. Sang the praise and worship songs. Sat well till toward the end and you got pretty antsy.

You even got your own shoes on INCLUDING orthotics today. Talk about making progress!



Dear Noah:

You just walked through asking what smelled so good. I have turkey in the crockpot and you went on and on about how good it smelled. It does. It reminds me of Thanksgiving!

We are going to go to church today. Or that is the plan. We will see if we all make it there!

You were off the walls yesterday Noah. You had an extremely difficult time listening or sitting still for anything. Constant movement. Constant tumbling and tossing yourself into the walls or doing somersaults.

We went to bed earlier last night. Hopefully that will help some today. We will see. Sometimes it does and sometimes it makes no difference at all.

My other PC monitor is buzzing. So annoying. Hard on the ears.

I will write more later.

I love you


Saturday, July 23, 2005

Dear Noah:

Last night we had very very low water pressure for some reason. SO...when you would turn on the faucet water barely trickled out. Which meant when you flushed the toilet it took forever to fill back up. You came to bed and started crying saying the toilet was broken again and not working cause you flushed it but it was "still running" cause you "could hear it" and this was over the 2 fans running in the bedroom AND the AC! SO I got up and investigated and that is when I found out about the water pressure. is better this morning. Not quite back to full pressure but much better. Hopefully it WILL get back to full pressure soon. Not sure what caused it.

I also found out yesterday after seeing some suspicious marks on my digital camera/recorder I have been letting you use....that you have apparently been BITING it sometimes. You now have a phrase you spurt out "I'm sorry mommy!" over and over when you have done things wrong. I could not believe you would even think about biting the camera! BUT apparently you have. There were several small nicks in it where you said you have tried biting it. You also admitted to banging it in frustration sometimes on your desk in your room...another NO NO!

When I get things I keep them looking new forever. I am probably weird that way. I got a new digital camera/recorder so I figured you could use this you love to record so much. You always take such good care of things normally so I figured there were no worries about you NOT doing so. I have explained to you time and time again WHY you need to take care of things. I have only had that camera since right before last Christmas so it is only about 8 months old. If it were only me using it would still look brand new and last forever probably. I am not sure how long it will last for you or if it could last forever! You are certainly putting it through a test. Part of me feels like I should take it away from you....but then I got it to USE it which you most certainly are doing. I guess I personally don't have to have 2 camera you could continue using that one.

So we reviewed rules last night. I keep asking if you are following those rules and you said you were trying. I asked what that meant and you said you had banged it a couple of times again! I said NO more banging!

Poor is a wonder it has held up so far. I told you this is not a toy.....and if you did not take care of it....and it broke...that would be the END of you recording anything ever! I will not be letting you use this new one I bought. I guess I have so many cameras and keep them all and use them all as there is something I like about each one that is a bit different than the other. The one you are currently using is pretty nice and convenient to use...has great sound...takes great video...but I think the pics have a lot to be desired. SO it turned out to be used for us only for video! I believe the new one will be great for video too...and the sound will be fine though it is hard to hear it back on the camera....and it takes fantastic pictures!

SO yes...your mother is a bit obessessed! I had no idea when I got the first camera/recorder it would be used on a DAILY ALL DAY basis. I only intended it to be used occasionally to capture unique moments in time with you! hahaha. Well.. I guess we have a bunch of moments in time captured now...though now we don't always save all the clips you record.

I am going to get some work done.



Friday, July 22, 2005

Dear Noah:

WOW you did FABULOUS today! I mean FABULOUS! We decided to go out for lunch. You asked about wearing your orthotics on your own! I have been telling you every day and night before going to sleep how by wearing them your feet and ankles will get stronger and your legs will get stronger and YOU will feel better and get stronger. You are very in to trying them now.

SO you asked...and I decided to let you test them out today! We got things all situated and on. You walked around. We told you how great you looked and that they made you a little taller. You were excited. AND more excited thinking you were instantly you went around displaying your strength by moving heavy things to other areas in the house!

We left and went out to eat. Took about 2 hours total to drive over, eat and come back. You had the shoes and orthotics on the ENTIRE TWO HOURS! Back home I had you run in them. You did great Noah!

It was amazing to Daddy and me how your feet and ankles and legs were all instantly put into proper stance and position just by wearing those things! Just incredible! No fallen knees in, no poor stance and holding yourself funny or walking odd. It was amazing. I asked if it made your feet and legs feel better and you said yes!

Back home we took them off. You are now once again barefoot as am I! BUT we are so very proud of you today and happy you gave these such a very good first try!

I love you so much!


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well you did pretty well today when we ran over to pick up your orthotics. The woman tried putting the right one on your left foot which really apparently hurt your foot as you screamed and cried. She realized what she had done wrong and then corrected it. While you put them on and stood in were very happy to yank them off. She trimmed them down a bit. We will have to get about 1/2 size larger shoe probably to allow a little more room for you in your shoes now. BUT....I am hopeful we can work you up to wearing these eventually....little bits of time gradually working up to longer periods of time. I explained last night that you would NOT have to wear them forever...and that they would make your legs/feet/ankles stronger so your legs would not hurt so bad when you rode your bike and just played. You are at least OPEN to the possibility of wearing them.

You chose a pattern called TORPEDO...kind of a rainbow swirl effect:

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

Monday, July 18, 2005

50th Anniversary Movie removed .....see why below

I had to take the movie post off here as it moved my Profile of Noah down to the bottom of the page as the movie hung out too far on the sides and went into the profile. SO....if you want to see the movie it will still be posted at awhile....unless I find it did the same thing there. THEN I may have to remove it altogether. I did not even realize it had messed up the profile and things on the right side of my page till today when I checked it out. SO...rather than try to figure it all out and rearrange things as my post would eventually go away and not be seen anyway unless you dug for it..I just removed it.

Dear Noah:

Well I found out that our Kaiser insurance approved 12 whole visits for you for physical therapy or occupational therapy. SO...we will most likely use it all for occupational therapy since that is your greatest need right now. We go pick up the orthotics on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. Hopefully those will resolve any physical therapy needs....IF WE CAN GET YOU TO WEAR THEM!

Now I have to find out the details about speech therapy and the social skills class.

Been a lazy summer the past month and a half. No school, no big demands you place on our time.....except on days when you just seem to bounce off the walls, furniture and floor. Sometimes those come in spurts and those days are exhausting for everyone. Other times like today, you find things to entertain yourself and I feel almost guilty for just letting you BE and play alone. Right now you are enjoying all these new books on CD I got you. You are in our room on the floor by the CD boombox having a great time. RECORDING YOURSELF all the white I might add. You cannot do anything without my digital recorder in hand!

We watched a television show last night called the Dead Zone. Don't normally watch it but we were watching The 4400 and it gave a preview for the Dead Zone and it was to have an autistic boy portrayed in it. While we would consider you more high functioning than the child on tv, there were many things that boy did on the show that you also do. It is weird cause I guess in the past we just denied these things...or maybe they have become more pronounced over time. I am not sure. BUT there are most definitely things you do that are so obvious now. Things like making sounds (squeals, screeching, etc.) or humming a song over and over and over while doing anything on paper, lining things up, not wanting to be touched sometimes, not wanting to be looked at sometimes, covering your ears and even screaming or crying because of certain sounds or loud noises, cowering and trying to comfort yourself after a meltdown episode, constant movement and I MEAN CONSTANT, etc. So...the show was interesting as that boy last night did many of those things too.

SO anyway....12 visits are better than none. AND it is a good start. If you don't do so well we can hopefully get more visits approved. Meanwhile I need to complete the paperwork gathering of information for the Colorado Medicaid Waiver. I wanted to have all the information to them by tomorrow. YEAH RIGHT. Hopefully by their next meeting date it will all be there.

You are really reading great. AND your comprehension has come so far! You are really improving with that which is good. I don't hear so many "I don't know" answers now. Now you offer really good ones and the CORRECT ONES!



Sunday, July 17, 2005

Dear Noah:

Wondering if we will get you to church "today". I was thinking maybe we could go.....and then have lunch at Wendy's....and then pop in to check out the new Christmas ornaments at Hallmark.

So we will see. To be honest today I am tired and don't feel too much like going anywhere. We all need to get in sync. When one is great and up to going someone else isn't.

So the cycle continues.

Love you


Saturday, July 16, 2005

Dear Noah:

You have been having such a difficult time listening lately. You act like you do...sometimes you DO and sometimes you only listen and do what I think you really want to.

So....our days have been filled with me having to tell you over and over and over and over and OVER again the same things.

Lately you have HAD to do somersaults.....EVERYWHERE. You get on our sofa and have to somersault off the arm of the one end OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. I have to tell you OVER AND OVER AND OVER again to NOT do that. I then think well I should tell you in a "positive" way and not the "negative way by using NOT". SO I try telling you in a positive way. Still won't work. I understand this is obviously something you MUST DO for many sensory reasons....but the poor sofa is about shot and it is only 3 years old!

SO we see you somersaulting down the hallway, on furniture, on the bed, on the floors in public places. It has become exhausting many times.

I am so stretched thin now. About the ONLY way I am stretched thin. I keep asking my boss for help. Supposedly that was a big problem I have had in the past she said on a prior review...NOT asking for help. Well a lot of good it does asking for help as I have asked now every year since she has made that remark...but still NO help for me really. I am overworked and stressed to much at work with work about work all work! I don't think I can take much more of it. Normally I can handle it but lately I can't seem to handle much of anything. And HEAVEN FREAKIN FORBID I say I need a break for once! goes on. You are still my angel boy. I still love you and always will.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Dear Noah:

So...I forgot a few things on my earlier post. Lately you have had moments were you don't want anyone to "see" you. Today at Super Target you did not want ME to apparently see you. I looked and there you were walking with your body hugged up tight against Daddy's leg with your head practically up his butt.....(blinders for you I guess).....and it was because as you said "I don't want Mommy to see me". Not a "you can't see me" type of game. You honestly did not want me to see you! I guess you figured if you could not see me I also could not see you. SO you walked over half of Super Target like for some reason you thought I would be staring or looking at you and you did not want that.

Same thing happened yesterday when you were on the floor playing trains with Daddy. No it was Sunday. wanted Daddy to sit on the floor where he could BLOCK your view of again..."you did not want to see Mommy". You freaked if you thought I WAS looking at you.

You also freaked cause Daddy touched your picked up the train and threw it at him.....and had a royal fit.

SO while you make some have moments of regression at the same time.

Almost time for bed now. You just got done playing in our closet recording yourself shredding some tissue paper you found in my wrapping paper stash! said you liked it cause it could fly all around and because of the sounds it made I guess.

SO hot. Still in the high 80s at 9:30 p.m. I am thankful for AC but when it is this warm out and we have skylights and face west...the condo can still get pretty warm in the front room. Funny how when it is start to count the days...each day by day....till cooler weather arrives. I am already ready for fall!



Dear Noah: had a couple of trying days the past 2 days to say the least! The day before yesterday you had SEVERAL MAJOR MELTDOWNS.....sometimes simple things would set you off.....such as someone looking at you here at home or someone here touching you ...or walking past you. I mean you lost it and BIG TIME. You had many episodes of crying and wonder by yesterday you were ZONED out and very very subdued.

I have been getting you to bed earlier hoping that might help improve your behavior and emotional state. Sometimes it does and sometimes not. You always start the days out well. Today I decided to go to the mall to check out Carlton Cards Christmas Ornaments. I asked if you would like to go to the mall too....and then to Super Target. You ACTUALLY SAID YES! So we all the mall first....stayed and you got lunch at Chick-Fil-A before the lunch crowd arrived. We left and then stopped at Super Target....but by the end of that you were more than ready to go! BUT all in all you did pretty well!

You are back home now.....and really zoning out. You immediately headed to your room to relax.....and are still relaxing. I am thankful you are finding ways to relax!

I am going to see if you will take a nap today but I doubt you will.

I love you.....think it is great you made it outside the home today! Even for a couple of hours! Especially when you originally had told me to go ahead on my own!



Sunday, July 10, 2005

Dear Noah:

Oh brother. Daddy just sat down to play trains with you on the floor....He touched you...which made you go off! Of course he keeps saying "Melinda there is absolutely NO reason for him to act that way!" (Hello.....did you forget your child has autistic spectrum disorder????)

And then daddy turned right around and did this....he said " I only did this......(and he proceeded to TOUCH you again!) which of course made you scream even longer and LOUDER!

Then he proceeded to tell me how it was just not right that you acted that way.....and no reason for it. HELLO?? Autism...sensory integration disorder....BOTH of just those things can cause you to react exactly like you did because someone touches you or comes to close to something you are playing with.

I cannot seem to get daddy to understand this. We go through this same crap every day over and over and over. I am so tired of it. It is a wonder you even want to play with daddy but you do.

Hopefully it will click in his brain someday.

I love you...


Saturday, July 09, 2005

Dear Noah:

You started out having a great day. About mid afternoon things got rougher. Your daddy was part-time playing with you which made you get upset. Seemed every time you turned around Daddy would disappear and then you would have to go through the entire process of ASKING him to play with you again or to come back! This upset you. I am not sure why it seems so difficult for your daddy to sit and play with you long-term sometimes.

Anyway....things escalated. Daddy apparently touched one of your trains you were playing with...that was the last straw for you. You screamed and screamed and yelled and screamed and picked up the train and THREW it at daddy. BIG mistake but you did it anyway. You were trying to tell him in between about how him touching your train made you feel.....daddy of course was mad you hit him with the train....and once again MOMMY plays referee! I don't think I spelled that right.

So.....I finally got you calmed down and told you what you did wrong and what you should have done.....told you to apologize to daddy...and then you went to your room to "calm down" some more.

You finally did. Next thing I know at least 2 more episodes exactly like this happened. During one episode I heard something in our bedroom and then you making this horrible screaming/animal sound over and over again while you proceeded to slam my dresser drawer/doors open and closed. Again something daddy had done set you off. You went into your room as I told you to go there to calm down...and proceeded with the animal screaming sounds over and over....I do hope the neighbors cannot hear that as they probably wonder what is going on up here!

You came out looking completely exhausted and I asked you if you were having a rough day and you said yes. You came over and I held you and you just sat quietly and calmed down more.

I think and hope you will be fine now the rest of the night. I do hope we can go to church tomorrow together but if this is any indication I am already thinking it may not happen.

So in the end it was a typical day for us when Daddy is around you all the for some reason he seems to push your buttons! Now we should sleep well tonight.

I love you my little man!


Friday, July 08, 2005

Dear Noah:

You are having a good day today I think. BATH time later for SURE! No excuses today mylittle man!

Nothing new to write about today except I am still appalled that insurance companies (or at least ours) MAY not pay for OT and PT for you because you are over 5. I don't get that. If it is something you require I still don't see how age has anything to do with it!

HOT HOT HOT today!

Love you


Thursday, July 07, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well...I am finding more and more out about physical and occupational therapy for you. Apparently our insurance once you are over 5 years of age....may not even cover ANY PT or OT unless it affects your every day living skills. You do have some problems with that as far as occupational therapy you MAY qualify. BUT I am just going to figure on you NOT getting any additional therapies.

SO...hum. Where does that leave any kids who are 5 years of age or older and still require PT, OT or anything else? Seems like they are not doing something right if just because you are over 5 you cannot receive PT or OT. I am over 5 and I can receive it. It all has to do with your autistic spectrum disorder so you SHOULD be entitled to receive it.

Sounds like we may have a rough road ahead trying to get the therapies approved. Meanwhile we will keep working on things at that may just be where you end up learning all these OT and PT therapy things anyway.

So frustrating. So happy you are too little to have to worry or wonder about these things.

ENJOY your sweet little life!


The Children's Hospital....where Mommy works Posted by Picasa

Denver Skyline at sunset...isn't it beautiful?? Posted by Picasa

Dear Noah:

You actually did very well with your occupational evaluation yesterday. It lasted 90 minutes so we were wondering if you could handle it.

BUT you did and did very very well. The OT gave you many different things to do and try to see what you could or could not do such as buttoning shirts, using zippers and snaps, cutting with scissors, squeezing things with your hands and then just your fingers, etc. You really enjoyed being put to task! You even sat well for her.

After that visit we had to run over to Target to kill some time as we had another hour before your visit with the orthotist. I KNEW she probably had to make molds of your feet and was wondering how that was going to go. I had told you ahead of time that no one that day would do anything to "hurt you".

You did well even during that visit. They put this sock thing over your feet and ankle (one foot at a time) and then basically do like a cast over that. You got to help her hold this strip in place (which is later what she used to guide scissors to cut the cast thing off your foot without cutting into your skin).

You did well until you saw the scissors. You freaked a bit and cried a little but we kind of just kept working around you and talking to each other and you got through it. However, you did not want your second foot done. BUT you did it....crying SOFTLY the entire time but you DID IT.

All in all we were amazed and very proud of you and how you acted. However, you could tell you were in severe sensory overload mode by the time we went from there to lunch at CiCi's pizza. You looked very drugged and subdued. The clinic had a huge aquarium in the waiting room you sat beside and it really soothed and calmed you down. I would like to get one for home. did well. Came home and played on the computer the rest of the afternoon into the night.

Now we wait on all the results, for the orthotics/braces to be made to wear over your socked feet and up your ankles...and for more referrals to continue with PT and OT. We are also still waiting on your referral for speech therapy.

I love you to the MOON and back again!!!!! FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER!!


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Dear Noah:

You have been having a harder time listening lately. I am exhausted.....and honestly don't feel like rehashing the entire weekend again.

Suffice to say we need to work on things. While you are making progress you are now starting to explore more and try things without asking first...which tends to get you into problems.

I LOVE you regardless!


Monday, July 04, 2005

Dear Noah:

Today you got up all upset as it was after 8:00 a.m. and you wanted to be up by 7:00 a.m. or so. I mean you were really upset and you wanted to set the clocks all to say 7:00 a.m. (of if life were that simple!) haha. Anyway...I told you if it weren't for daylight savings time it WOULD still be 7:00 a.m. which seemed to pacify you somewhat. When you are like this I just try to get your mind onto something else pretty quickly.

SO you are now interested in your computer. Blogging is slow today. More later.



Saturday, July 02, 2005

Image hosted by Only 176 days left till Christmas!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.comIf you would like to see a great family movie....check out "Racing Stripes". We got it from our library and it was really really good! A great "family" movie!
Image hosted by Same with fireworks.....better safe than sorry!!
Image hosted by Okay...this is a big BBQ weekend. Remember to be safe so your grill doesn't end up looking like this!!

On the Picture Below of Noah on the Balcony

You will notice all his cars are lined up in rows....(characteristic of what kids with autism do). I never even paid attention to that or noticed it myself till I saw the picture posted...then I happened to notice Noah had not 1 or 2 but 3 rows of his cars lined up. I guess he does do that all the time. I just never paid any attention to it before.

Beautiful Colorado! Posted by Picasa

Oh MOM....this is SO embarassing!! Posted by Picasa

Snow in June! Posted by Picasa

Noah sitting on the balcony Posted by Picasa

My hanging pot of blue pretty! Posted by Picasa

My little man! Posted by Picasa

Noah posing for me on his new bike Posted by Picasa