Thursday, June 09, 2005

Dear Noah:

So...they all keep saying how you are all about MOVEMENT and cannot sit still and have to constantly move to be happy or just BE in the world. I have been noticing that occasionally. Last night we were reading some library books. That is already a bad time for you as you are getting tired and have been overloaded all day. We did not go anywhere that day however, not to a park, not to a store, not anywhere. You wanted to stay home. We did. SO on those days I have noticed sometimes you are even worse at night and require more movement than you would if you had gotten out that day to play.

Anyway, we were reading books on the sofa. Problem was you could not actually SIT to listen to the stories. I finally decided to not say anything and see what you would do. I sat and read and you proceeded to lay stomach first over the arm of the sofa, and fall down to the floor on the other side, get back up, throw yourself back on the sofa and do the same thing all over again. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER. I lost track of HOW MANY times you did this. I would finally tell you to "sit down or I won't read any more stories to you" and you would. For about 2 seconds....and then the entire process would start again. Now I KNOW if we give you a fidget toy to sit and hold or use while we read you CAN SIT. I wanted to see if it was possible for you to SIT and LISTEN without the fidget toy. NO. Plain and simple. NO. I threatened to quit reading to you altogether if you could not sit still. You were very upset about that prospect. YOU FINALLY got a video tape and box it came in and MADE THAT YOUR FIDGET toy. You were able to sit still on the sofa as long as you kept dumping the tape out and putting it back in its box over and over again.

So there are classic examples of repetitive movement you must do just to survive I guess. We have successfully found things to give you to fidget with or even just hold in your hands which do allow you to sit successfully pretty well and for longer periods of time. At church now you don't require much if anything at all to be able to sit through that 30 minute sermon. You don't mind the 30 minute worship portion as you really get into that! We take your backpack filled with all sorts of things you can do including math problems, reading, fidgets, etc. Rarely do you use any for long now however. Most times you can sit well without anything.

So....the experiment really did not teach me much I guess other than you do indeed require an intense amount of movement. It is extremely hard for you to sit still for "listening" to stories. You can sit and read stories yourself without any problems and for long periods of time. SOMETIMES you can even sit and I can read to you without many if any problems.

Anyway, we read a total of 30 BOOKS! That does not include the books you listened and read to on CD and our Bible stories then last night before bedtime! SO I guess that is a lot. Funny, it did not seem like that long of a time to read though.

SO now we can take the books back Friday and pick up some more. Should be fun. I also got you 7 new books on CD to keep here at home and take with us on vacations. Those are so nice to have and I am so glad you are really getting into books on tape and CD!

I need to go for now. I love you my little Noah Wesley!


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