Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Dear Noah:

So...we were watching a Thomas the Tank Engine video yesterday and there was a part in there where the coaches were "being naughty". You always get a mischieveous grin on your face when you hear that word. I asked you if you knew what it meant. I explained it to you. I then asked you if YOU were ever naughty. You just grinned. I asked if I were ever naughty. You said " are very good and a very good mommy". I asked you if Daddy were ever naughty and you said "yes" and I asked what he did to make him naughty. You said "he always says NO>>>>>>>NO>>>>>>>>>NO>>>>>>>>to me all the time". I said "yeah well he does tell you no a lot doesn't he?" Then you said "then you yell too mommy!" I said "yeah I yell at daddy for yelling at you!"

I guess none of us should be yelling about anything huh?

And with that being said I am signing off for now as I am exhausted!



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