Monday, June 06, 2005

And another thing (yes there is always another thing)

For anyone who has not been around an autistic child, it is not as simple as just letting your child go play with other kids. I wish it were that simple many times but the truth is it is not. There is so many things you have to think about and worry about. You worry your child will run off or hurt another child. MOST times this never happens but occasionally it does. Other parents sometimes look at you like you are not disciplining your child at all. Little do they know. Our lives are nothing but "rules, rules rules". Poor Noah has so many "rules" he has to try to remember or recall to just do basic living things. Most kids naturally KNOW what to do and not to do in certain social situations and play times. Noah does not and has to be taught everything. Then he has to practice those things over and over and over. AND he still may not recall what the correct thing is to do the next time round. He has to try to learn to control his emotions....something he does not even understand. Many and most times he is very lovable and friendly and shares his toys. Other times he freaks at the sight of another child just walking too close to him. There are times he lashes out when another kid tries to play the same thing he is playing. He is getting better at handling these things but he still has many trying moments.

So it is not as simple as saying "yeah okay...Noah you can go play with so and so". "Have fun!". We have to pretty much be present to "monitor" everything at all times. I don't mind this and in fact am now used to it. BUT it can be trying and sometimes it is just simpler to go to a park where there are no other kids playing. BUT I think Noah needs some social interaction.

Anyway...I just wanted to clarify the social outings. It is not quite as simple as other kids have it I guess. We can try to pretend it is all we want but the truth is it is not and it probably never will be.


Stacey Teague said...

I love your blog, you are such a caring mom!! The only thing I can think of is, is there a local support group for parents of autistic kids, or something along that line that the kids can get together at a park supervised?? Just throwing it out there.. Good Luck!! I think Noah is going to grow up to be an awesome man because you are a great mom to him.

Melinda said...

THANKS so much for your encouraging words. MUCH needed right now when I am doubting myself so much. Yes....I am slowly finding out there are some groups and individual parents with even other autistic kids who would be willing to meet and have play dates. I am in the process now of setting it up! THANKS so much again for your encouragement! ;)