Monday, July 25, 2011

Dear Noah....we have had an easy, breezy summer so far....

and glancing at the calendar I realize how fast it is going and school will be starting soon! YIKES! Where has the time gone??

You are still in that period of natural transition....being 12 years old and almost a are ready to go through all the stuff in your room to clean it up and move stuff out to make room for newer things...things you are interested in that will be a big project but I would certainly like to get it started and completed before school starts...same for my office/schoolroom area. SO I guess we will need to crack the whip!

We took grandma C. to the Chinese restaurant for lunch the other Sunday...she loves Chinese. You like fried rice....

when passing through my parents' town the other week you wanted me to stop and take a picture of all these vending machines lined up...I had never seen a PRINGLES vending machine before!

Of course you have spent some time with your cousin Audrey too this summer...and you always enjoy that.

Your grandma and grandpa Lincoln got a new dog but we have not made it over yet to see it....

It has been SUPER HOT these last couple of weeks...with the heat index ranging between 105 and 115 degrees! We have needless to say stayed indoors a lot. We did venture out to see the latest Harry Potter movie in 3D..that was fun and a good movie....and I loved the previews coming out for new movies....some of them look amazing. got your test scores back for the state.....did okay there...but could have done better on the math I think...I think you freeze up on tests get so stressed out about them. for now...lots to do today. It is noon and you are still asleep! You are going to have to start going to bed a little earlier!

I love you!