Monday, July 26, 2010

Dear Noah....DENTIST day!

You had your 6-month check up today. Your 12-year molars are all coming in. Two are pretty much in all the way just about. You only have 4 baby teeth remaining to come out yet...and 2 of those are nearly out. You still have ZERO cavities which is great! You are doing so much better with seeing the dentist and handling cleanings and everything. I really want to thank the Children's Medical Center's dentist department for just taking so much extra time with you to make sure you are able to handle things well and have a good experience. Your teeth look super nice after the cleaning too!

On the way home we stopped by to see Grandma C. We have not seen her for over 3 weeks as she has been away staying with my cousin after her final surgery following breast cancer. It was good to see her. We really missed her.

Today was a good day. We had lunch at Cracker Barrel. The weather was much nicer today. Not nearly as muggy or hot. It would be a great night for the drive in! BUT I work in the morning and while there is a movie I would like to is not really for you.

Well...I don't have any pics from today. I did not take my camera. YOU DID take your camera and filmed the elevators and bathrooms at the hospital.

I love you lots Noah! I am proud of you and how well you did at the dentist office. I am also so happy you have had ZERO cavities! So when you get that gunk on your teeth...even though it might look really does protect your teeth from cavities!



Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dragons Delight!

My sister invited us all to go to a Dayton Dragons game and watch it up on the Club Deck in a SUITE room. WOW...that is the way to go and watch a game! We had 10 seats outside the suite room with ceiling fans overhead....and an entire room with television, bar and 3 stools, a couch and 2 rocker recliners and fridge inside. Sink, towels, snacks. It was a great night and even though the Dragons lost you had a great time visiting too with family and your cousins!

I cannot believe August is just around the corner. It won't be long and school will be back in session and our routines will begin again!

I love you! I am so glad we got to go to the game Thursday night and we had such a great time!


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Dear Noah...Pow Wow, the Great Wolf Lodge, 4th of July and birthdays

We went to a Pow Wow on June 19 at Sun Watch Village. It was really hot that day and you got overheated but we managed. It was interesting but not nearly as large as we had expected it to be or what we are used to seeing in Colorado.

We were invited by my sister Becky to go on a trip with her and my other sister and her daughter and my nephew to the Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate her retirement! She is retiring super young. We went...and the Great Wolf Lodge is all it brags itself up to be! You had a great time in the wave pool in their inside water park! You spent all your time there except when sleeping or getting ready to eat or use the bathroom! We found a cool Christmas shop on the way and bought some amazing ornaments!

AND of course a big highlight for you was the ability to ride the elevator since we had a 4th floor room and to check out all their bathrooms and film them!

This past weekend we spent the 4th of July at my parents to celebrate the 4th as well as my birthday along with a belated birthday celebration for my sister Melissa. We had such fun. You got a Wendy's kid's meal and it had jokes and these crazy nose glasses inside. Of course we all had to try them on for size and have our pics taken. You looked so a little bug!

We have been busy having fun this summer and you have been spending a lot of time reading in your room and playing games. We are squeezing in a little bit of school as well to keep things fresh for this coming fall. I can only hope I am helping you to make some wonderful memories to recall when you get older. I love you so very much Noah!