Saturday, June 04, 2005

Dear Noah:

I tried to watch the old movie Rain Man last night but it was on so late (when I should be sleeping) and I needed to get some sleep so I could try to get up early to work...(which failed as I overslept and am now behind!). Anyway...the parts of the movie I STAYED AWAKE for were interesting. NOT that you are like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man Noah but...there were many things he did that you indeed do as well as I am sure many people with autism to any degree do. For example, the part right before I dozed off was when they were in the car going across the bridge and Dustin Hoffman was fascinated with watching the bars and road passing by the car ...and then he started humming and making a sound EXACTLY LIKE YOU DO whenever YOU are in OUR car and we are on the road somewhere. YOU DO THAT SAME THING EVERY TIME we are in the car. Especially when we go over overpasses or bridges. It is like you have tuned into the sound the tires make on the highway and you simimulate that same sound yourself via your hums and the sounds you make. Whenever we go across an overpass with like a wall alongside it you will follow that wall and any break in the wall which changes the sound our tires make on the road you also change the sounds you make to compensate for those breaks. AND if WE listen closely the tires and sounds the car makes when it travels across the roads DO make different sounds over bridges and overpasses and when there is a wall alongside it and not...etc. SO we have kind of I guess learned to tune you out when you make those sounds when we drive along unless you get too loud (which you usually don't). BUT this movie last night was so funny in a way as it immediately reminded me of you and the sounds you make when we are in the car traveling down the road! AND many times when Dustin Hoffman would "freak out" about things not being the "same"....that also reminded me of you although you have improved in this area tremendously. Him also not understanding simple concepts (usually social ones) also reminded me of you but again you have made tremendous progress. Now Dustin Hoffman could not understand money and the "value" of it but you seem to do that well as with any math.

Anyway...I just found some things interesting about the movie and YOU.

Just makes YOU that much more special to me if that were even possible Noah!

Love you so much!


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