Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Dear Noah.....high school and getting ready for college

I still cannot believe you are a junior in high school and now you have changed your mind and DO want to go to college...and not just like a local community college, but you would like to go "away" to college, like Ohio State University's MEGA bucks college. "Away from home." Key words for me...AWAY from home.

My job as your MOM has been to continue to homeschool you but also teach you life skills to get you ready to be on your own one day, which would probably be difficult enough with your high-functioning autism, but now we add into the mix getting you ready to attend college, and possibly "away" from home one day. We have a lot to do and we are busy preparing you now to begin college next year locally as part of the College Credit Plus program. We are hoping you can complete 2 years of local college here and then you can transfer if you still want to and have financing arranged, to OSU one day. This will allow you to bypass some of the more traditional university requirements, and hopefully be a slightly easier transition. I still have a lot of anxiety not only about the living away from home, as there are many things you still flat our refuse to do for yourself, but also some of the more stringent requirements any college will place in your lap.

So, we are moving ahead, getting a little more anxious sometimes as time passes but trying to hang in there. This year you will also probably begin to learn to drive, trying to time that just right for many reasons, including insurance, financial, etc.

Taking a big, deep breath here.........and let's just try to do this!

I love you!!  Always will.


Monday, January 18, 2016

Dear Noah.........getting settled in after the move.......

So we finally got moved into our new apartment. You are slowly getting your room put together the way you want it. I gave you  my bed and mattress and you even wanted my satin bedding.......next will be the satin sheets lol.......the top pic is before you put some of your plushies back in your room. I asked if you still wanted to put them in your room and you said yes......so the 2nd pic is after some of their arrival! Your shelves are going into your closet. Once we bring over the things from our storage locker your home design books and some other things will go inside the closet on those shelves. We got a hanging cubby for your socks and some items of clothing...you want to hang most of your T-shirts you said...so it is all working out little by litte.

I still feel like we are living in a hotel of sorts. It has taken me the last few weeks to recover from the move....so I have not yet gone to our locker to bring over more items to put away and I have not really hung anything yet on our walls. All that will come in time.

Looking forward to this next chapter of our lives....and getting you ready to graduate and go to college...which I still partly refuse to accept or process haha.

Love you my little (young) man!


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

So....I have been absent because we have been moving. It just worked out that we had to move then right between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I would never advise anyone to do that. We did still manage to get a simple tree up and a couple of decorations. I have actually already unpacked everything I brought here so far, but still have some things to organize and other things to bring over from the storage locker. We did not officially even get the keys to the new place till Dec 17....and we took small loads over till the 20th when all the large stuff went. Little by little we got moved  but wow.....talk about stressful and it did not seem like Christmas because we had no downtime to even think about it much. I did try regardless, because I love Christmas.....it just seemed so odd this year....and no snow but TONS of rain and high winds!

Anyway, making time to just wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas and hope you have a blessed and Happy New Year!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Dear Noah - Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving this year....your aunt and uncle came up from Florida along with your cousin and his girlfriend and daughter....we had a great visit and they brought some cool gifts from Florida and Columbia....and T-shirts that said I Survived the Lincoln Family Thanksgiving 2015 ......of course there were poses of every person taken with funny turkey hats on..... all in all another good time....wow..your 17th birthday is quickly approaching. Where has the time gone? I love you! Mom XOXOXOX

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Dear Noah....third time's the charm!

Finally got your new extra pair of glasses. Your vision has not changed in the past couple of years, which is good, but you wanted a 2nd pair of glasses to change things up from time to time. The ones you originally chose though, only lasted 2 days before cracking and the lens falling out. When we got the replacement for that pair, upon picking up the glasses at the eye doctor's office, that pair cracked before we even left. You picked a 3rd pair but chose a slightly different design from another company and those so far have held up great.

Here is your new 2nd look....

We went to the local public school last night for information on transitioning from high school to life on your own and college. It was somewhat informative and we picked up some information that we will definitely be able to investigate further. 

On our way into the building there were cheerleaders outside. You were very worried about them seeing you..or so I thought. In reality you were afraid I think of having to see them....because as we walked past them to get inside the building, you told me you were going to try to not pay any attention to them and you actually turned your head and looked away. I asked you why this would bother you so much and you said you felt like if you looked, you were betraying your girlfriend.

Wow...I think I have brought you up right! What girlfriend would not want her boyfriend to think like that and actually take steps to prevent themselves from perhaps being tempted? I did explain to you later at home it is pretty natural for men or women to "look" at the opposite sex, but the fact that you were aware of it and wanted to keep it in check and took steps to do so was pretty impressive to me. Any girl would be lucky to have you as a boyfriend!

I love you my young man who is growing up to be quite the adult.

To the moon and back, again and again, to infinity and beyond!