Saturday, June 18, 2005

Dear Noah:

I know you being able to handle certain things can be difficult. Today you came up to me and said (after I had told you to "COME HERE!!" a few times).

You said to me:

"Mommy don't say come here again." "You have said "come here" to me about 100 times!"

It was all I could do to NOT laugh. I said: "Well I say come here about 100 times to you every day because you don't listen to me!"

Then I sat there and thought to myself for awhile....geesh..I DO say COME HERE to you about 100 times every day. It all has to do with you not listening or having a hard time listening. You are always walking away from me as I talk to you so I end up saying "COME HERE!" hahaha. Oh well. I have listened to myself on the recorder a few times and I have to say I don't really like the way I sound all the time in a stern voice it seems. Well not all the time but TOO OFTEN.

Now you just came up to me pressing your nose into my shoulder sniffing like crazy. I asked you what you were doing. You said "SMELLING". I asked why. You said "cause I like smelling". You are REALLY wound up today. LITERALLY bouncing off the furniture and floors and beds. It can be extremely difficult on days like this with you. It is very hard to get you to focus on any one thing. You should sleep well tonight!

Daddy is in the room with you to hopefully give me a little bit of a break. BUT a break never really truly happens....and that is okay. I really don't mind.

HOT today. Supposed to get even hotter. I have our nice water fountain on outside on the balcony even though we are NOT outside to enjoy it right now. It is TOO HOT! hahah.

Saw a swimming pool for sale at Big Lots that you can blow up if you have a backyard to put it in. Under 15.00! BIG HUGE rectangular one. SUPER nice. Course we don't have a backyard yet so no pool for you. It would be nice and they are so cheap these days.

You also told Daddy today to "go to sleep", "you are tired" when you tried to get him to NOT tell you NO about something. SO funny!

Well you are running around like crazy. I need to get off here.



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