Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dear are still coughing.....a LOT!

You are still home from school and will remain out of school today too. Yesterday you spent most of your time coughing, reading and sleeping. I feel bad for you because I had 2 days of nonstop coughing myself so I know how exhausting and annoying it can be! Even the cough medicine only helps for a short time.

Yesterday you did take a lot of naps....finding your own music to listen to from your computer as you rested. You have also been doing a lot of reading. I have been getting more CHAPTER books for you from the local library and you have been devouring them. The first one you ever read it took you awhile to get through it......but NOW you are really into them and breeze through them. Yesterday you grabbed your Bible and read the ENTIRE THING! I watched fact I went into your room with a book of my own and read on your bed while you read. I saw you reading.....and you read some to me....we read mostly to ourselves. You read all 421 PAGES of that and then read a 68-page chapter book!

I am going to have you type out a book log to turn into school when you go back.

You got some get-well cards in the mail and online. You immediately said you needed to send a REPLY to one you received from cousin Audrey. SO it is ready for the mailman today and unless we get out (it is snowing like crazy here again).....we may just let Mr. Mailman take it with him when he delivers our mail today.

On another note, I hope you get to feeling much much better soon. AND for my family who reads this it is doubtful Noah will do his solo in the concert on Thursday. I will keep you posted but that is tomorrow and the weather and roads up here are really bad and he can't stop coughing. He said he would not be upset if he misses it.

Noah you have already put in a request for me to spend more time in your room keeping you company while you read or play on your PC. I said YES of course. This reminds me of days when we got to spend a lot of time together when I homeschooled you all the time. I miss that. I want to do some homeschooling with you all the time even if you go to public school so we need to work on that. BUT not while you are sick. Now we just spend time watching videos together....reading together....maybe playing games together once you are up to it. SO far we have both only been up to doing quiet/sleepy things like watching movies and reading. I guess because we can rest at the same time (while we are hacking our heads off).

I love you Noah...SMOOCHES!


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dear still have a fever......

last night it climbed back up to 102.9. I gave you Motrin and it went back to 101.6 before you went to bed. Today it is still 101.6 so I guess that is progress!

You are coughing a lot still....but I can't say a am I! I have that annoying tickle type cough which is probably what you also have. So it sounds like a doctor's office in here.

I know you still do not feel very well because you look sick and you don't even want fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies or really anything else much to eat.

I hope and pray you can take the antibiotic easier today and you can keep it down. If not we may have to go get something different.

I think I need to lie down myself. I love you Noah. Hoping and praying you feel better soon. Next week is the week you were supposed to sing in the concert at Memorial Hall. The class was to walk 2 different days during school to Memorial Hall to rehearse. I don't understand why in this weather they cannot get a bus driver to drive everyone there. There is no way I am going to let you walk 3 blocks in below 20 degree weather with pneumonia. AND I don't even know if you will be better by then. It all depends on your fever. I will probably have to end up taking you to the doctor to get a recheck and another x-ray and a note to take to school to release you. WHICH means I will probably have to make a trip over to the school to pick up assignments for you to do here at home. AND if you miss too many days I am not sure about the concert. I thought it would be very nice for you to be able to sing in it seemed excited about it. So we will just wait and see how things go.

Rest your little body my little man....I love you!


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dear have PNEUMONIA!

You rarely tell me you feel poorly when you do. I can usually only determine this by looking at you or taking your temperature. At times when you should be telling me you feel like will usually say you are "fine."

Today you woke up and when I finally saw your face in daylight I could tell right away things were not right. Your cheeks were on-fire RED! It looked very odd and your eyes looked glassy like kids do with a high fever. I took yours. It was 103! I immediately wondered if you could have parvovirus or Fifth's disease....because you had the typical "slapped cheeks" look.....this is how red your cheeks were earlier!

Image Hosted by

Since it was a Saturday and our docs are not in and too far away to travel on these snow-covered messy roads anyway....I opted to not wait for the After Hours Clinic to open at our local hospital but instead to just take you to the ER after I gave you a dose of Motrin. It is the same place as the After Hours Clinic anyway......they just bill differently for it.

Since we got there really early there was no one else ahead of got right in...right back....and waited on pretty quickly. I have always been impressed with how QUICKLY they do see you in the hospital here and work with you.

The doctor who examined you said he did not like how your left lung sounded and he wanted to get a chest x-ray. He came back telling us you definitely had pneumonia. So he prescribed high-dose antibiotics and some over the counter stuff for your fever and congestion, cough, and sent you home. He felt your red face was from the fever and not parvo or fifth's disease because usually only younger children get that. SINCE your fever has come down some your face is looking better!

My poor little guy. You look so pitiful but when asked on a percentage scale of how well you felt with 100% being the best you could said you felt 75%.

We are now home, and you have gotten all your meds in which was not easy and I have slathered your neck and chest with Vicks and put you back in your jammies. I am going to turn the furnace OFF or way down and you will get a lot of Sprite or Juice or Rootbeer or popsicles. LOTs of fluids and rest.

This is what your face looks like now. It looks much better. I did not take a picture of it this morning before heading out to the doctor. Guess I should have because I have never seen anyone's face look like that before. BRIGHT BRIGHT RED over both cheeks all the way back to your ears....both sides......very strange looking. NOW you have a slight red spot but only on ONE side of your face. The other side has cleared away. So here is what you look like now:

Image Hosted by

I love you Noah. I do hope and pray you feel better soon. I am fighting off something myself but doubt it is pneumonia.

Lots of kisses!


THIS IS YOU....sleeping it off with Opie......right before you ran to the bathroom and had diarrhea and threw up! AT the same time! My poor little are very sick.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Friday, February 22, 2008

Dear Noah.....a 2-hour delay.....but you stayed home anyway....

another near-snow day. Still snowing here. Your school had a 2-hour delay but you stayed home cause I am fighting off something and so are you. You said your head hurt...and this was after it was extremely quiet in your room and I found you had crawled back under your covers after I had made your bed.

SO.......yeah....with me feeling like I do and you.....I think with sinus issues......I let you stay home.

SO not much to say today but I love you....and more later!


OH.......I have not been able to visit some of my normal blogs out there because I accidentally imported my BOOKMARKS triple into Firefox.....which basically freezes it up each time I try to access them....I cannot even access it to reset it to defaults...which would remove my bookmarks and I could start all over again. I do have an OFF site bookmark I guess I will have to go there and find most of my links when I need them. Firefox cannot handle 33,000 bookmarks quickly!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

DEAR NOAH....another email message you sent today

I love all the EMOTION you displayed in this one!

This is Noah. they also have the type 3 e. bell. (Yes. Safetran makes THREE e. bells!!! how cool is that and the type 3 and 2 sounds like the gs type 2. (the type 3 has the clang in m. bells but sounds like the gs type 2.) Did you know u.s.&s. they have a e. bell which sounds like the gs TYPE 2!!!!! and the gs type 2 or 1 can make the sounds OUT OF THE SAME BELL!!!!!!! AND HIGHER AND LOWER SOUNDS TOO!!!!!!! I can't belive that there are so many bells that sound like the gs type 2. MY dream last night was THE BIGGEST CROSSING IN THE U.S. YOU and me went railfanning at this crossing ( or sould I say: 20!!!!!!!!!!!) that was wreid since there were 20!? all signals had bells which were: wrrs, waco ,wabco,wrrs and safetran. and the brands who made the bells i,ve typed, made the 8" lights. the 7 Safetran signals have your 12x24" lights. when i come back from school i will make a topic about are dreams and make-up crossing with your artwork and my paint-like artwork.

Noah you impress the hell out of me...I love the way your mind works!


Dear Noah...when you type instead of handwriting...

it is so much more detailed and expressive! When you have to share your feelings or emotions on paper for school for example by handwriting out is like pulling teeth and very difficult to get you to form opinions or thoughts together and then compile them down onto paper.

Last night you sent an email response all on your own to a young man in Arizona you have become friends with who also happens to have autism and likes trains. He is in his early 20s. I told you to go ahead and send a response back to an email he had sent to me for you...if you wanted. You sat down and when I came in to check later you had an entire paragraph already typed out and waiting to be sent. When I read it over I have to admit I at first wondered "who just wrote all this?" because it all sounded so much MORE mature and adult-like than from a 9-year-old boy. BUT it was all YOUR thoughts and ideas and I became very excited to then READ it.

You expressed your knowledge base of the subject very well to this man but then you took things a step further and I also read your personal thoughts AND HUMOR in this email response. I am so excited.....I want to share it with here it is:

I always tell Noah to tell this man it is him when typing a personal he does not think the response is coming from me his Mom....hence the "THIS IS NOAH" intro....

This is Noah. I think the bell would be Safetran and the lights Wch (if Wch made fading LEDs.) or you could make it ALL WCH signals with the bell too. last thing. YOU COULD make the bell DIFFRENT. like waco, the RARE IN THE U.S. wabco, wrrs, grisward, and gs if gs made m. bells. they ONLY sell e.bells. back to safetran. they have a company in Australia wich i don't know the name. I have a dream last night wich had 10 crossing with the same signals YOU have now. the 12x24 lights all in 10 crossings! but the signals came to me. ALL OF THEM!!!! then rhe signals at the crossings became gated with your 4 4" gates lights. there they have 6 gates!!! but 1 was tooken out by a train what the heck happed?

You are quite the little man Noah. I love you very much. We will have to suggest to the teachers you TYPE all your work when possible....because I think you would do a much better and more thorough job.

I love you!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dear looked sick when I picked you up from school yesterday...

You left that morning sniffling a lot...and I had given you some non-drowsy Claritin to help with that. By the time I picked you up from school you looked very sick. You were very pale, had dark circles under your eyes and absolutely no energy.

I asked if you felt okay. You nodded. I thought you felt hot like you had a fever but when I checked it at home you did not. You did say about 10 kids in your class were absent so I guess something might be going around.

Hopefully you won't get anything. Your body is very good at fighting off sicknesses and germs.

However we had to run to the library and store after school and it was all you could do to just walk into the places. Once in the library you sat in a chair with your head either curled back or your entire body curled up semi-sleeping. At the store you rode inside the cart and never got out saying you were too tired to walk. This has happened before in the past when your body and muscles just seem to give and they have nothing left to offer you.

Regardless we did get our errands run and you seemed a bit better when we got home. You went to bed very tired and with some Benadryl to help dry up your nose.

Today school is on a 2-hour delay from the snow. I have to wonder if they will cancel it but your school has already missed so many days because of snow and next week on spring break are already requiring you students to attend 2 of the days of that week you would normally have been off. I imagine they don't want to do away with the spring break altogether because you will have to make up even more snow days.

Depending on how you feel, maybe you will just stay home since school is on a 2-hour delay. We will see. I will send you if you seem to be fine, especially because it will be a short day.

I love you. Tonight is the LUNAR ECLIPSE.....but it will be so cold outside and if too cloudy we may not see anything anyway. If so though we will have to snap some pictures!

SMOOCHES my little man!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Dear Noah...President's Day....a day spent together...

Since you were out of school today I took you out to eat at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. YOU LOVE Cracker Barrel. We got the most perfect table while there too......right next to a window facing out where you could see RR tracks. The HIGHLIGHT of that breakfast was a visit by one train while we were eating.....and it moved so very slowly. We took many pictures of it and video clips.

I took you to the mall and bought you a new winter coat to finish the season out. At Sears on sale! NICE coat. We enjoyed walking around together in the small mall.

We ran a few other places and then you got BURGER KING for lunch. Stopped at Grandma C's on the way home to visit. You then wanted DOMINIOS PIZZA for supper.

You complained the other night to me. You said there was a slight problem you discovered. You needed to start eating LESS so you did not have to go to the bathroom so often. I told you... you needed to start eating BETTER foods and not fast foods and things like that all the time. Your system cannot tolerate it all the time. SO you are paying the price today....and wanted to stay home tomorrow from school too already, afraid you would have to use the bathroom too much at school. I told you as often as you went tonight you will be cleaned out and not have to go during the day tomorrow.

I think too you just want to spend the day home so you can PLAY on your computer...something you missed out on today while buzzing around the town with me. Your MOM.

We stopped at a park and played around in snow squalls on the swings and playground equipment. You ate your lunch in the truck. We had a very good day together and we enjoyed each other's company a lot.

I asked you if you had a good day today. You said yes. When I asked you what you liked the best out of the day, you said Cracker Barrel and shopping. THAT surprised me because I figured you were going to say the train! I think in your mind Cracker Barrel included the train!



Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dear Noah....and making sounds..

some of these sounds I think he also makes when he is trying to sound like a train humming on the highways.

BUT.......some days it can be HOURS of these sounds...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Dear Noah...

As I sat and watched you filling out your school Valentine cards I had a flashback to when you were still in kindergarten, not really talking, not really wanting to be with the other kids much, struggling in so many areas of your life and yet I think wanting to fit in.

I bought all these Valentine things a long time ago thinking, like most moms probably do, that one day you could take in treat bags for all your other classmates. But they have sat in a box for many years because you were homeschooled for a few years and we had no place to really use these items. Nothing but Valentine pencils, erasers and such.

Finally, this year, at the age of 9, I was able to unpack those items and make up those treat bags for you to take to school. Long past are the days when you could not even hold a pencil correctly let alone write or want to write. You used to get tired even writing one word. You breezed through filling out all 19 Valentine cards eagerly in minutes! You then decorated your Valentine box.....a lost art I I treasure and remember from when I was a little girl. You were excited about your Valentine party today at school....but worried they would probably not have anything you would want to eat or drink. I really need to make special arrangements for you and that should be allowed. I do hope they have a little something you might like.

You made little LOVE gift certificates for me and your daddy and your grandma C. in your social skills group on Monday. I thought that was pretty sweet.

Occasions such as this remind me of just how far you have really come over the last few years. It is like you are finally awakening from a very long, at times fitful sleep.

I love you Noah, so very much.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dear is out again today.....

We have had a lot of ICE and some they have closed the school the last 2 days! You are happy because you can stay in your pajamas all day and play computer games and eat cookies.

I found out today however that because we have had so many bad weather days.....your school will be requiring the students to report to school at least 2 of those days the week you were originally scheduled to be off for spring break. MAKE UP "calamity days."

I imagine some parents will be ticked about that while others happy. I guess we will go with the flow on this because in reality if we are not going anywhere like on a will still be out 5 days and that is good.....though one of those days you now have to go to school I would have also been off work and could have done something with you.

In social skills group Monday you talked about family and love. You brought home gift certificates you had made in class. One for me for McDonalds on Saturday, one for to send for your dad for a visit....and one for your Grandma C. for a party/visit. You wanted to have a Valentine's party on Sunday but it is too short notice now and the weather up here has been really bad. So another time perhaps.

You also had to write down someone you love but have not yet met. I thought it sweet you wrote down the name of a man who also has autism...who lives in Arizona...who is also really into trains that you correspond with. In fact, you have told me many times you want to go live with this man...or live closer to where he lives.....but this is only because of your common interest in trains and train signals and crossings.

You have been watching a "little brown boy" as you call this African-American boy on You Tube who also records his own THOMAS the Tank Engine videos. You informed me the other day you needed to find out his email address and full name and address because you needed to go spend at least a week at his house to show him how to record videos...etc. I thought that was cute too.

Meanwhile I am trying to find out from the school why you are getting the lowest scores sometimes on classwork assignments. Sometimes you are not even getting credit for them at all. I know a couple were during absences....but I wonder if some were because you are being yanked from the classroom sometimes to meet your IEP requirements/goals. If so, this is not to be interfering with your academics in any way and I have really laid the law down on that I think. I hope.

ALSO, if you are doing poorly in class when you are actually there I really need to know why. Because you have a helper who is there for you specifically to help address these things. IS SHE there helping you? You are even to have a "scribe" if need be on tests and quizzes so you can do better since you have difficulty still with writing your answers. You also sometimes need extra help understanding directions or more time to complete an assignment. Are you being punished basically because they are not doing things correctly? I do hope and pray this is not what I find out has been the case..but I find it rather odd you are scoring much lower for classwork areas than anywhere else...and that needs to obviously be addressed and corrected if need be. I emailed your teacher and also sent a copy to the principal.

I imagine they are pretty sick of me by now by someone has to be your advocate.

I love you's to another snow day!


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dear Noah....tornadoes...

Image Hosted by

Apparently we both dreamed about tornadoes last night. With the recent ones not too far from us I can imagine why.

BUT it was very odd too because you said you were IN MY dream.....and your dream details were very specific. Thankfully we were not hurt and our house was not destroyed.....but you dreamed of an F5 tornado that hit this county. SOUTH of us you were very specific again about the details. Hopefully......yours was only a dream and not a warning of something that will come to pass.

I have a migraine today. I think I caught it in time to get rid of it before it gets too bad.

I love you lots Noah.


Friday, February 08, 2008

Dear Noah....."synonyms"......

Last night you came to me with a note pad in your hand....asking me how you spell "exempt." My mind automatically flipped to "taxes" since I just filed and it is that time of year we are all starting to think about taxes....but I asked you WHY you wanted to know how to spell exempt.

You frequently come into my office area to ask me how to spell words you need when performing searches online. I wondered why you would need the word exempt.

What came out of your mouth next stunned me.

You proceeded to tell me how "exempt" when used in regards to train tracks was a SYNONYM for "abandoned" ....because any "exempt" train tracks were ones that had been abandoned....all part of why you needed that word when on a railroad site to look up "abandoned" tracks.

You have come such a very long way Noah and it is amazing to me to see how your brain and mind are working together to finally help you understand more ABSTRACT meanings of words.

As you make more and more progress it just reminds me of someone slowly waking up from a deep sleep.

I hope today you have a good day at school as you will have a different parapro since yours will be absent today.

I love you lots!


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Autism and cell phone TOWER connection??

I have read a few articles recently about autism...and how some are starting to believe cell phone TOWERS can not only cause cancer but also possibly autism. I realize if you are a parent of a child with autism or have autism yourself.....HOW you ended up with it does not really matter....the fact still remains you do have it. What is more important to focus on at that point I guess are all the NEEDS you might have because of it and how to meet those needs.

BUT....the article about cell phone towers was very bothersome to me. I have some good links I wanted to share so you can just go read the stories for yourself and form your own opinion. I did find it interesting...and not only how it could be affecting us as humans...but how it is possibly affecting the insects and bird population and our environment as well.

SO you can start here at this next link....and then follow additional links once there


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dear Noah.......tummy ache...

We were on our way to school and right before we left you said your stomach hurt. I know sometimes recently you are attempting different scenarios to try to get me to allow you to stay home.

BUT today you look funny. Your face looks like you don't feel well and you are not your usual highly animated self. SO I know you probably don't feel well.

I tried taking you anyway......on the drive to the school you kept complaining.....afraid you were going to get sick at school. You said you wished you would get out at least 2 hours early today (they are already closing 1 hour early for the teachers to attend something) because you were afraid that by 2:00 p.m. you would puke.

I explained to you that no one really can predict an exact TIME of when they will puke in advance.....though I hesitate to say that to you because sometimes you CAN predict things like that.

SO I felt bad...and turned the car around and brought your butt back home. You are very quiet in your room. I do not hear all the hooting and hollering even at your computer games like I normally would (though I did put in a request that the house remain quiet if you came home so I could get my work done).

Anyway....I hope and pray you will be fine and not get physically sick and vomit. That is always nasty for anyone.

I love you

***kisses and lots of healing love your way***


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Okay Noah.......your PC is up and running again for now...

Mommy forgot that we had your old PC in the garage that I could "borrow" a hard drive I yanked the good one from that computer....let it warm up.....installed it on your computer.....and all is well again in your little world. This one does NOT fit the case of your new computer is in there and working and for now it will work till I get a new one that DOES fit in your case better. I want to make sure to get the right one.

So.....I just saw some screws I did not put back in on the back or sides of your computer that holds that outer side door in place. I guess once the virus scan is done I will put that back on....but all drive to play your games..internet access....etc.


I still love you lots...


UPDATE on drive.......

I got it out and cleaned out but when I put it back in the door keeps opening back up and won't stay closed. SO I will just have to get another drive and replace it. That is not too expensive and I have done it before...pretty simple actually. Hopefully nothing else was damaged in the process but it seems all the CD pieces were contained within that drive.

So TO DO list grows....

Dear Noah:

Monday you had a very poor technologic-related day. First off when I picked you up from school I could tell you did not feel well. You said you had a bad headache and did not want to go to group (social skills). You said your head was pounding. Your parapro said your headache started in the morning and just got worse. Not sure why they did not give you something for it. Maybe they are not allowed. You could only do liquid Tylenol or Motrin anyway....not chewable or a pill to swallow.

SO I took you home.

Then later your 2 GB memory card for your camera messed up. It no longer registers in your camera or the PC. Says the format is messed up......when we format keeps saying ERROR. SO I may have to get another one for you. The good news is Walgreens has 2 GB cards on sale now for 24.99.

Then later that night you came into my office standing behind me playing your harmonica. On and on you played...I had no idea anything was wrong though what you were playing did sound a little drawn out and sad.

When I turned around to comment on how well you were playing a song you made burst into tears telling me you probably would need a new HARD DRIVE again already....because you thought one of your CDs shattered inside it.

I find out you got upset at a game you were said you got "bored" playing it and went to play another game but shoved it in apparently a bit too heard a pop. ...could not get the CD to come back out again.....etc.

This computer is not even a year old.....a good rebuilt one that did not cost much but a very good one and not even a year old for you.

I checked it out.....sure enough..the CD was shattered inside. Sometime later today when I get time I will see if I can clean it all out and have it be usable again. IF not.....I guess this means I will have to get yet another PC for you. NOT sure about that yet. There is nothing wrong with this PC......just the one and only CD bay is filled with shattered CD pieces. When I took the computer apart I could not even find all the pieces yet. It may be a longer project than I anticipated. had a rough ending to your day and so did I.

THEN this morning you were already getting up at 5:30 because we were having a severe thunderstorm here.....bad lightning and lots of thunder......and you were concerned about a flood watch....I sent your butt back to bed.

I hope and pray today will be a much better day and I can have time to fix your computer.

I love you Noah.......even when you stress me out a bit.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Dear Noah........JEOPARDY.....

You are stuck on Jeopardy now. YOU LOVE the show....but you especially love the entire set up....the show's OPENING SONG......the players. You have apparently found some videos on YouTube where they have made little Jeopardy sets out of you were busy making some of your own yesterday!

I then heard you at your electronic keyboard....tapping out your version of their theme song....over and over and over again....with different types of instruments each time...I wish I could have caught all that on tape. I DID however manage to catch at least one burst of the song you played...with one instrument.

Of course you also love the show to learn things....and I ENCOURAGE the show and the GAME because you DO learn so much.

AND of course you just got up.....and I hear you at your keyboard again....humming the Jeopardy song while playing it by ear on your piano.

I love amaze me.


Friday, February 01, 2008

Dear Noah........F-WORD #2........

You had a great day Thursday at school.....but I did find out you said the F-word again. Apparently in gym class you were playing with some chains and rattling them around and making noises...when another boy told you to shut up. You told him to shut up....he said something else and you ended it by saying "what the fuck!"???????

Your gym teacher said something about soap in your mouth.....(you were VERY sketchy on the details).

You told your parapro it just SLIPPED out...and you were sorry.....not to tell your mommy!

You told me you thought since you said F--K and NOT F--KING it was OKAY.

I told you that ANY form of the F-word was not acceptable to use...including but not limited to F--KER, F--KING, F--KED, etc. (AND hopefully you will never use MOTHER F--KER!) (Of course I do understand sometimes the F-word just seems to FIT the moment....but really....there are probably much BETTER choices for you....especially at 9 years of age!)

You seemed a little puzzled but said it would be the last time you used the word.

Hopefully that WILL be the case.

Today you get to stay home because the school is closed due to ice and upcoming snow storm. So far we have ice and no snow.

You did your first official book report for school.....on....of course........TOILETS OF THE WORLD....a book you got at Christmas. I am sure your teacher will learn a few things about toilets she never knew before.

Okay....I need to get back to work!