Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy 15th Birthday Noah!

Oh my gosh...I cannot believe you are 15 years old today. Seems like only a few short days ago you were born...not 15 years. Amazing how fast time goes by. Bittersweet actually.

You are growing into quite the young man...and getting very tall, very quickly. You are a good head taller or more than your mama now.

I wish you the best life has to offer....filled with all the wonderful blessings you can imagine....good health forever, happiness and much success in anything you choose.

I will love you to the moon and back, again and again and again, forever and ever and ever!


This year you had a Doctor Who Tardis cake.....and you received a Doctor Who scarf (same as the 4th Doctor Who wore in the series) for love that scarf. You came out wearing it with your pajamas on the other morning. Here are a couple of pics....and one of you and me at Christmas. See how tall you are getting? AND you with your cousins..Alex 21 and Audrey 14.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Dear often say such profound things...

Noah and I went to see the movie "Frozen" last week...we had free passes...anyway....the next day while talking about the movie...Noah said "I think that is the most genuinely happy I have ever felt in my life for a long time!" I asked him what he meant by that...thinking he felt happy all the time. He has always seemed a happy kid...ever since he was little. He has a hard time explaining things but finally said it was because the entire time he sat there watching it...he was smiling...all the time...and it was EASY to smile....not a forced smile like I guess he has had to learn to do sometimes in his life...this smile and happiness all came very easily while he watched a simple movie. It was almost a musical animated movie...and he liked the music...we did bust out laughing a LOT through the movie...and could just about predict when they would break out in song and dance...even that became funny. BUT it was his statement that was profound and offered a lot of insight for me into his someone with autism has to learn to express his emotions and DISPLAY them to the point where they do not come all that naturally but are things learned....sometimes forced....and I guess for this one brief moment in time..he felt what he called "true happiness"...and it was because of the EASE it was for him to actually FEEL happy and be able to smile without even "thinking" about it....