Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well....I started talking to you last about seeing the occupational therapist next Wednesday and then the orthotist to have special braces/orthotics made to fit in your shoes and up your ankles and of course you got all upset and started crying. You are afraid the pads or whatever in your shoes or ankles will HURT and make your ankles or feet or legs feel worse. You said you would see the occupational therapist but did NOT want to see the orthotist. I said we could at least "talk" to her and hear what she had to say MIGHT be helpful to correct your flat feet, fallen arches and stance, etc. So we will see.

HOPEFULLY by next Wednesday you will be able to handle the visit and not start crying and screaming "help me" as soon as someone comes into the clinic room!

I love you!



Cas said...

Hi Noah,

I had to wear orthotics when I was younger and I did not want to but I finally did and it made things so much easier.

Even though I am a girl, I could kick a soccer ball much better because my feet were a lot more supported and straighter.

Good luck with it!!

Love Cas

Melinda said...

I will remember to tell Noah that!!! He is always willing to try things when he knows it will make him STRONGER and better. SO.....while this may be a struggle...hopefully he will eventually overcome it and wear them!! ;)