Saturday, June 11, 2005

Noah's Sound Clips Below

So anyway..the sounds clips below are of Noah making some of the sounds he makes. Now when we first got back from our trip to Ohio from Christmas a couple of years ago he was making these sounds almost continuously. I mean he went on and on and on, over and over and over. He would sit in his room playing on his computer and still be making these sounds. He would try coming out to the living room and make these sounds but I could not take hearing them 24/7 so I told him he could make the sounds but had to to do it in his own room (as it got to me after awhile!). So he did. He would stay in his room and make these sounds so long that he would get a hoarse voice!

I know when we traveled back from Ohio he started making these sounds....especially when driving in the VUE over the highway and over bridges. I now know he was duplicating the same sounds and hums the tires make over the road as we drove over them! Took me forever to get that one. Anyway...I figured it would STOP once we got home from our trip but it did not. He brought the same sounds into the house and made them everywhere. He did this for about 4 -6 months straight.

OVER TIME however, he finally started to have less episodes where he would make these intense sounds, but instead make more laid back more meditative "humming or moaning" type sounds. Now when we still drive places, especially when we are driving my VUE, he will still make all the sounds effects that go along with driving over roads, passing road signs, passing cement bridge walls, etc. AND if you listen real carefully, the sounds he makes do parallel the real sounds the truck's tires and body are making as they drive over the road or it passes brick wall dividers, etc.

When I first let my boss at work hear these clips during a time when I was about to my breaking point from listening to these sounds over and over she kind of looked wild-eyed and said it was creepy and reminded her of the excorcist. She kept asking "is that really Noah?" BUT it is not really creepy once you understand why he makes the sounds. But it can be like Chinese water torture if you are in the same room with someone who does this for HOURS ON END! hahahaha.

Anyway....I had posted a previous clip of Noah stimming and making sounds more like his usual hum he makes now but I had never posted any of these older clips of his more intense sounds.

Now Noah pretty much sticks to the lesser humming-type sounds rather than the prior intense sounds. There are times he will make the other sounds when he is playing or even just sitting in his room but it is not the daily, hour by hour, minute by minute intense episodes he had for about 4-6 months straight.

SO there you have it!



Abraham said...

Hello Noah and Mommy Melinda,

I heard the sound clips. I was getting some coffee and heard the sounds from the kitchen and thought surely your mother (grandma) was playing some new game on her computer. When I came in the room and asked her about it she said it was you, Noah. So we listened and then she told me or read the rest of the information about how you figured out what the sounds were. And what you boss said is the first thing I thought of before I knew who or what the sounds were. I remember that movie. Scared me to death. I am getting some hits on my blog. Think it is now close to or over 12,000 since 2 months ago.

Melinda said...

Yeah it is a creepy movie. I don't like to watch things like that so I don't. The book the movie was based on his probably even worse as you know it is a TRUE story.

Anyway...I posted another post about Noah and his sounds to explain more when he does it as everyone is probably thinking he always has "reasons" for making sounds. It has a lot to do with his autism and most autistics make sounds. It seems to help him cope.

Anyway......I have been checking out your blog. I also check out some of the people's blogs who come to your site. I really like Miss Minda's blog...she has so many graphics on there!

Notta Wallflower said...

Hi there - it's been a while since I've commented, but this blog entry caught my attention. I remember when I first started working with kids with autism - the sounds they made caught me off guard. Now, it does not phase me, but I pay attention to the sounds they make when they're happy - they are usually loud. What is difficult is when I am walking with these students - either on my way to therapy or back to class - and other students gawk. Some actually come up and ask me "why does ____ make those sounds?". I tell them, "that his ___'s way of communicating - just the way that you use words in order to tell people how you feel". I think it's amazing that Noah reproduces those noises from your drives - it would have taken me a long time to figure that out.

Melinda said...


I TOTALLY understand you! Read my last two posts. Noah does the same thing always! Not just to reproduce sounds. He just has to make sounds! He does it everywhere...we can be walking to the park, to the store or the library. We can be walking to the car in the mornings to go somewhere. When we used to take him to public school he would make sounds the entire time on his walk to the front doors! So it is something they NEED to do. VERY difficult to make anyone understand that. Like you I have learned to tune the sounds out pretty much but they can drive my husband insane! haha