Monday, June 06, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well....we are having a hard time getting motivated today! Some days you don't even want to get out of your PJs. When asked "why not?" you reply "cause I'm not going anywhere today." Guess that makes sense. I sometimes don't get out of my PJs either...especially on Saturdays lately it seems we don't. I wonder if that is bad or wrong? I don't think so but some people probably would...haha. We usually don't go out much on Saturdays and to be honest we do so much running through the week that by Sat. I think we are all so exhausted I LOOK FORWARD to staying home and resting up!

My neck is stiff and sore today. I think I fell asleep in the car wrong yesterday after church on our way to look at houses. Brother...that is pretty sad Noah when your mommy cannot even stay awake and wakes herself up SNORING! I know chronic sleep deprivation can catch up with you but this is ridiculous!

Anyway.....warm today. I am tired already and I did not even stay up last night/this morning to work...I went back to sleep on the sofa. SO I have MORE work to do and am tired on top of it all.

Sorry Noah. Mommy is doing nothing but complaining it sounds like.

You are busy recording video clips. YOU LOVE recording video and sound clips right now. I am thankful I got that digital camera/recorder before Christmas last year. It has come in handy.

I better go. Lots to do and I think I need a nap before I can do any of them!



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