Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Dear Noah:

I was sitting here thinking back to when you were little. I just saw some kids walking over to our pool and it reminded me of when we used to take you to parks and places like that around other little kids. They all listened to you and would turn to us and ask "what is he saying" or "why can't he talk" etc. I know sometimes we KNEW others would "notice" and ask but I guess we hoped for the best. I never realized till today HOW OFTEN that DID happen though. We had questions from many kids about you. We always told them the same thing "he is just learning how to talk". This was when you were 3-4 years old.

No parent ever asked that I can remember. They would ask how old you were....and then conversation would lead us to telling them you had a speech delay.

But everyone pretty much accepted you regardless...especially the other kids. LITTLE kids are great like that. They pretty much accept about anyone. It is only when they get a bit older that sometimes they can be a bit mean...and NOT ALL kids are like that.

Sunday when we were looking at new model homes we saw a mother, father and their son. I would just about bet their little boy also has autism. He did many things like you have done or still do...but he was a bit more aggressive. He kept trying to run after you and touch you or grab you. I KNOW that can set you off so we just kept telling you that it was YOUR turn to set a good example of how to behave. You did well...acted like you were a bit afraid of him at times but you stood your ground. LITERALLY. You stood there and just watched him run around you or grab you and you did not move or do anything. I was so thankful as I was so afraid you would go off and scream and cry that the kid was grabbing you etc. (as that has happened MANY times in the past). did very well. Thankfully the other kid finally left....and you relaxed and started doing somersaults in the office area on our way out.

Anyway...I was just sitting here thinking about when you were little. I wonder if a parent keeps those images and thoughts fresh in their minds all the time even as their child grows into an adult? I pray I do....they are so sweet.



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