Saturday, May 14, 2005

Dear Noah:

Sure been a trying day for us all including YOU! You have several episodes where you basically lost it today. Your daddy still needs to work on learning how to "not set you off" or "make you worse once you are already off"! SO it ends up being training for two always. Not that I am also not learning....but something amazing about most mommies...they can actually RETAIN all information that ever goes into their brains to pull from later when needed. Maybe it is a "woman" thing or a "mommy" thing. But it happens and has always seemed to be the case for all the women in our family at least. Daddy says I am strong willed. He says that is "good for him". And of course "menopause (something you will learn more about later when you get older)...only "enhances" the strong-willed woman! hahahha.

Oh usual a woman's work is never done and I still have to clean up the kitchen now that I am done sweeping so I can get you and me ready for bed now that we have read our stories so I can get about 4 hours of sleep before I get up again to work about 8-10 hours before I get ready for church before we come home so I can make lunch before the woman calls to come over and get Floyd's cats before before before....the list is endless! I am "not" complaining mind you ...I like being busy and having things to do for YOU and others.

Well..I am working on uploading some video clips next to my blogs. Should be very very interesting and fun as you LOVE to do video recordings of yourself doing EVERYTHING!

I love you to the moon and back again... forever and ever and ever and ever....again and again and again and again!


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