Saturday, May 21, 2005

Dear Noah:

We watched the Muppet's "Wizard of Oz" show on CBS last night. I think it was CBS. It was cute.....they changed the story around and you got a HUGE kick out of that! It was funny in many spots but you had to run out of the room during some spots too as you said it scared you or you did not like it.

You have been doing pretty well but have had some problems at the parks lately. MOST times you enjoy being around other kids and people. Lately however you see someone coming close to our area or just walking by and you "freak out" and say "we have to go....someone is coming!!". "Too many people are coming!" "I need to go now!"

Not exactly sure why this bothers you so much from time to time but you will go on and on till we either leave or calm you enough ONLY if the person ends up not coming to the park but walking by. Sometimes too many kids in the park bother you. Sometimes it doesn't phase you at all. Lately it has been a huge issue and so we try to get to the park really early....way before anyone else is there or only a couple of kids. That way it won't bother you and you can have fun it is cooler.

Today we were invited to go to your half sister's son's birthday part at a PARK of all places. Problem is the park she chose is a HUGE park that is SUPER busy all the time....especially on weekends! It won't be till later which will be way too hot for you. I already know by your history this week at the parks there is NO way you will be able to handle that today. SO I told you daddy to tell Kelley we cannot come to the park today but will get together with her and her kids another day "through the week" at another park when it will be cooler and less crowded. AND I told daddy she would just have to "get it" and understand that. It is tiring always trying to explain to someone why certain things bother you and you just cannot tolerate them. I don't believe in forcing you to do things that will only make you miserable. You are still participating in many social events and outings without being miserable. I don't think it is a requirement to go to every single event you cannot handle in order to be social.

But at the same time I wonder about you as you get older. Who will you play with or what you will do? Your daddy and I play with you now and I hope that will always be something you like and enjoy. I pray you don't go through some of the typical behaviors some kids do where they don't want much to do with their parents at all. BUT if you are still being homeschooled and we don't get you involved in other things where will you meet friends to do things with? I guess that is where the social classes come in handy. They get together at least once per week where you can meet other kids....and kids like do things with etc. I also think you will expand on your interests as you get older and doing things you enjoy will keep you busy. Eventually I know you have to learn how to handle situations that might make you uncomfortable. We are slowly doing that even now. But I guess I am still adamant about not making you go through total agonizing misery just to have one more social event notch under your belt.

If we lived closer to your cousin Audrey I know you would play with her a lot. And you cousin Alex. Course I guess again that is limited to "time" to a degree. Everyone grows up and gets older and your likes and dislikes change. While you may enjoy it a lot now someone in the three may not in the future. Audrey may want to play more with more girls as she gets older. Alex is a lot older than you already and he will probably not be interested in playing with a little kid as he gets older. BUT whenever we are around family it never seems to be that way. We include the little kids in with whatever the big kids are doing.

But we live 1200 miles away from all that kind of activity. We love living here in Colorado but that is a downside. Probably the only one I can think of but still. We don't do much with Keith's side of the family here in Colorado....and the only kids available that you could play with (Isaak and Erik) are a bit rough. Well...they can be. It all tends to be too over-stimulating for you and you end up having a very hard time. Plus once again I think Kelley only asked us to come get together today because her mom and her side of the family are all on vacation or gone and not available to have a party. Otherwise...I think another year would have gone by where none of us had been invited to anything. I won't get into it here but this is not right and something your half siblings do all the time! It is not right how they treat daddy.

Well...I need to get some work done. I am sure you will be showing daddy the video clips you took of me taking a couple minute cat nap snoring!

I love you more than you can possibly ever know!


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