Monday, May 30, 2005


YEAH..what is that about? I have a crystal clear picture on this end and once I send it to my blog it ends up being a bit grainy and fuzzy looking. Definitely NOT the crystal clear shot I have on this end. Maybe I need to change a setting somewhere. All about settings I guess. Just don't want everyone to think my pictures are that out of focus as on this end they are not.


Chris said...

Melinda...I don't think these pictures are blurry at all. They came out really nice and clear!!! They look great from here!! I was actually going to ask you what kind of camera you use...I am looking into getting a digital.

Melinda said...

I have a Samsung (which is what took these photos) and a Mustek (which is what I usually use for my digital video clips). They are both great cameras but I think the Samsung does better for pictures than my Mustek and my Mustek is 4 MP and the Samsung I think only 3.5 or 3 or the Mustek should take better pics but I think the Samsung does. SO that is how I divide it all up all the time. I am lugging around 2-3 cameras all the time these days..hahah