Sunday, May 01, 2005

Dear Noah:

And the saga continues:
Jenny from NC wrote to me again":

I am sorry. You obviously got the wrong idea. I wasonly trying to help. You sounded in your post likeyou were looking for ideas or information. Iapologize that you took it the way you did. We areall in this together. I am very upset you used suchtone with me. I sincerely wanted to help you. Idon't ever remember saying autism is curable. I ampretty sure I said, treatable. I am sorry if you arehaving a bad day or if I said something that offendedyou. I sent it to you personally for that exactreason, to be personal. I have no alterior motives.May the Lord look over you in this difficult time andalways,Jenny


My responses back to
I AM UPSET YOU USED YOUR TONE WITH ME. HOW DARE you come off in the manner you did trying to make it sound like we are not already doing everything we can for our son because what.......we CHOOSE NOT to transform him into someone like YOU? Give me a break!

it is ULTERIOR motives not alterior...and you said he could be HEALED. that means CURED.

I am having a great day!! I know exactly WHY you sent your email to me personally. DON'T DO IT AGAIN!

Difficult time? HA!

MAY THE LORD also watch over your Jenny!

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