Friday, May 13, 2005

Life Has Been Hectic

AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Can you see the big mouth from a Peanuts' character saying that right now? hahah. AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH best describes our life lately!

Where to start. Things have been hectic for sure! Our neighbor man Floyd finally came to the realization he can no longer live alone. He has adult onset hydrocephalus and has had extreme difficulty standing let alone trying to walk or move or do things for himself. What usually happens is he falls over and then cannot get back up. After no signs of life on Tuesday (after not making it up the steps to his condo the day before and needing help by 2 men to accomplish that) I called the police to have them do a welfare check. Good thing I did. There he laid inside his home on the bedroom floor. He had probably been there all night and all day. They wanted to take him then to get him help but he refused. However...because he has been stuck inside for the past couple of days he has had plenty of time to think and has made some better decisions and realizes he will require assisted living. SO...he asked for our help and we have been in the process of trying to get Social Services involved and out here to help him (with his approval of course). We had hoped they would be here today but no luck.

So we got him some basic groceries as he has no money right now. We check on him periodically...but he cannot do anything much for himself so I hope and pray someone comes out by Monday. I already called the woman at Social Services back today.

THEN my Noah Wesley....trying to arrange for all your therapies has been a process to say the least. Weeks after getting referrals and not hearing back from anyone I made some calls. Finally got some answers and made more calls and will hopefully be able to get things set up soon for you! WHOO HOOO!! The list must be endless as the nurse at the pediatrician's office asked me if I knew HOW MANY referrals for things you had in the system. I said "yes" I was aware. Pediatric ophthlamologist, pediatric cardiologist (got those 2 appointments scheduled), physical therapy and occupational therapy evaluation and then treatment for your sensory integration and hypotonia, another speech evaluation and then speech therapy will be set up for your speech language delays, and then hopefully some behavioral/social skills training/classes on top of what you are doing here at home. Makes you exhausted just thinking about all this doesn't it?

Then working overtime on 4 hours of sleep is slowly but surely taking its toll. Homeschooling, packing things around here to donate to charity and also place into storage to make more room....the list is endless. Which is a good thing as we all keep busy. BUT..........can be tiring sometimes.

I wish I had money to help more people out. SO many worries and things revolve around money money money. I cannot imagine being in Floyd's situation and having no money, no family and no means to even get help for yourself let alone probably eat and pay bills and clean yourself. Having you Noah and seeing situations like Floyd's all around me has at least helped me to realize how important it is to take care of yourself and get healthy! SO that is a huge plus. We all want to continue to have dignity and be able to live in our own homes on our own and do things for ourselves. Unfortunately sometimes that changes.

Anyway Noah you are the biggest bright spot to my days. I love you so much.


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