Friday, May 27, 2005

Dear Noah:

Last night you brought up Heaven. You had finished watching a movie with me "Raising Helen"....and once in bed you said "Mommy, I am already in Heaven." I asked "what?" and you repeated it. You said something about the kids' parents in the movie being in Heaven...and you said when you go to sleep you are in Heaven. I explained that dying was a little different than just going to sleep. That you never wake up, quit breathing, etc. You listened. I then explained how people go to Heaven when they die...and you started bawling and said "but what about me?" "I want to go to Heaven too". SO I explained the entire process to you and how people go to Heaven and that YOU WOULD go to Heaven. You settled down and then again kept saying "I am already in Heaven." I asked "what...when you are awake you are in Heaven?" You said "no...when I go to sleep." That you dream of Heaven. I asked you if you ever see God. You said yes. I asked what he looked like. You said He "has on a long white robe and sandals that are really big!" I asked if God ever talked to you. You said yes. I asked you what He said to you. You said " He says I love you." I asked if you ever tell him anything. You said "I love you too."

TOO SWEET for words Noah...that is what you are!

I love you very very much!



Chris said... cute! I can never read your posts without shedding a tear sometimes. I love this little boy and I don't even know him.

Sending hugs to you Noah!!!!!!!

Melinda said...

Thanks. You are so encouraging! AND Noah is very easy to fall in love with!! ;)