Sunday, May 01, 2005

Dear Noah:

Here is my response to Jenny:

first of all...I don't remember ASKING anyone for help to CURE my son. If you have done any research at all on autism you should know it is NOT curable. Yes it is treatable but you child will never have a "different" brain that would be "so-called normal". YES they can improve and will with treatment and our son is and will progress even further. YES he will LEARN how to COPE in OUR world but he will still be HIM inside his own mind and brain and head. He is the one who will have to learn to adapt to OUR world. That is a huge and timely process....but I know he will be able to do it. This however....does NOT mean he will ever be CURED or his brain CHANGE so he will be like ME or YOU. A lot of people have the false impression when they see kids grow up and be successful and able to COPE in the world and be MAINSTREAMED that they have been treated and CURED. This is the farthest thing from the real truth.

I am sorry I know you are probably only trying to HELP. However...your email to me came off the wrong way completely. I DO NOT WANT to EVER MAINSTREAM MY CHILD NOAH. I DO NOT WANT HIM TO HAVE TO CHANGE TO WHERE HE IS JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER JOHNNY WALKING DOWN THE STREET. HIS BRAIN was actually MADE DIFFERENTLY for a reason when it was being formed and unfortunately for him that means TO LIVE IN OUR WORLD he will have to learn and try even HARDER to make adjustments just to be able to do so. However....I WOULD NEVER WANT HIM TO CHANGE TO THE POINT WHERE HIS UNIQUENESS was totally DESTROYED and he was NO LONGER THE PERSON HE TRULY IS! He does not believe he is sick. I don't believe he is SICK in the way you are making it sound. Yes he has problems. We all do. His are different and have the ability to be DEFINED! WHICH IS GREAT cause HE CAN GET TREATMENT so he can LEARN how to COPE in MY WORLD. WOW....what if the tables were turned and YOU MY FRIEND had to be taught how to COPE IN HIS WORLD? DO YOU EVEN HAVE AN AUTISTIC CHILD OR DID YOU OR ANYONE with a history of ASD in YOUR life? IF would have to know your child's brain is completely different than your own.....and you can never change the PHYSICAL make up of your child's brain. YOU CAN teach him to ADAPT and LEARN and be SUCCESSFUL in life and probably more so-called NORMAL WHILE IN OUR WORLD so they will not STAND OUT when in public and be so obviously quirky they automatically get rejected as some misfit in society. This however does not mean they are CURED. MOST AUTISTIC ADULTS I HAVE TALKED TO TOTALLY RESENT where you are coming from. I UNDERSTAND WHY!!!!!!

SO I am defensive RIGHT BACK AT YA. I am already a member of MANY groups on autism and related areas. For some reason I see you chose to email me personally rather than post to the group. SO now I have no idea of even WHERE you are coming from or what group...though I will quickly find out. I know where you pulled my post from. I will POST YOUR email to the entire GROUP on MY groups I am a member to.....AND MY REPLY.

AND WHO ARE YOU? WHAT is YOUR BACKGROUND? I see you provided NO information here on that. I am sorry but emails like this I don't ever care to receive in my inbox again.


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