Sunday, May 15, 2005

Dear Noah:

I was re-reading some of my earlier posts and am now thinking I am a bit too passionate at times. That is a good way to say it I guess..hahahah. "PASSIONATE"...sounds better than losing my temper or something.

Anyway............I don't want you or anyone else to get the wrong idea about my feelings on teachers. I personally LOVE most teachers and think they do a great job. However....we have found that "most" in the public school setting have no clue what to do with autistic spectrum kids. There are even some who think they do but they just don't ever seem to quite "get it". So....there is a serious lack in special education teachers to begin with I know and there seems to be "none" who hardly specialize in autism or Asperger syndrome or at least the grand spectrum autistic spectrum disorder. That would cover everything. AND I have talked to a lot of other people and they all seem to say the same things about their experiences with their public schools. I have heard one success story so far in the past let's see.......3-4 years? That does not mean there are not more out there as I am sure there are. We just have not come across them.

So anyway.....I tend to get a bit mouthy sometimes...and probably pretty defensive when it comes to you Noah as I have to be "your advocate" right now. I need to learn however that sometimes you get more when you sweeten the pot with honey than you do with lemons!

Love you my little sweetie pie!


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