Sunday, May 01, 2005

Dear Noah:

Well..below will be some an email some woman from a Yahoo group sent to me in response to my letter of introduction to a group and about you. It really made me mad and I responded back. I will post her email to me with my intro first and then come back and post my thoughts and responses.

Jenny from NC wrote to me:

Hi. Have you read Karyn Seroussi's book: Unravelling the Mysteries ofAutism and PDD? I also recommend Jaquelyn McCandlesses Book: Childrenwith Starving Brains. You can heal your child. Autism is treatable!These kids are actually very sick and there is a lot that can be doneto help your child. Of course you love him the way he is, but anyparent would want to do anything and EVERYTHING they could for theirchild and I am telling you there is a ton that can be one to improveyour child. If you want to know some yahoo groups you can join let meknow. If you buy JM's book off her website you can automatically joinher group. If you haven't done dietary changes, though, I suggest youget started on that right away. The Specific Carbohydrate diet is theone that is helping to recover the most kids, but the GF/CF/SF diet isvery effective in many cases and a good place to start. Get him on agood vitamin supplement from Brainchild or Kirkman's. Get him startedon some Houston's enzymes. And find a DAN! (defeat autism now doctor)ASAP where you can do testing and very effective treatments. You canalways start by contacting the Autism Research Institue for moreinformation. Also, attending a conference on biomedical interventionis an excellent thing for you AND your husband to do so you are bothon the same page. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but it isworth it for your child.Take care and best wishes,

Jenny in NC

(This was my letter of introduction she apparently was responding to)
I wrote:

> I am the mother of a 6 year old autistic son named Noah who also has sensory integration issues, hypotonia, speech/language delay, etc. We live in Colorado. My husband and I have been searching for different websites and groups for additional support and new information regarding these issues.We feel any information is helpful. We are happy with our son and not trying to change him in any don't get us wrong. We are just interested in making him the happiest he can be and providing him with the ability to handle things in his world and life easier. We are currently homeschooling him as the public school setting was difficult for him and did not work out. That is actually okay because we as parents were not too happy with the public school setting to begin with and did not know if we would continue with it in the future. SINCE we have started homeschooling Noah he has thrived! He is much happier and has better ability to change tasks and can now sit for longer periods of time on school work. We can be more flexible and he is learning MORE than he EVER did in the public school setting or preschool. While those avenues were helpful he still had huge issues while in school and never really received the therapies he needed and STILL needs today. He is doing first grade and some second grade work. We are able to incorporate Math, English,Spelling/Writing and even Social Studies, Science, Religion, Music and Art into his daily/weekly schedule. ALL subjects he was not getting in the public schools. He is an AVID reader now and just soaks up books like a sponge. It is amazing to us actually. We also provide him with SOME speech therapy,occupational therapy and social skills/behavioral skills classes at home on our own (though not to the extent he will require). We are currently in the process of being referred for additional therapies so we are not sure where we will end up yet for any of those. PLUS it will all be things we end up actually deciding on anyway. We may just continue with many things from our home for now. Anyway...sorry this is so long. I just wanted to say hello and kind of let you know where we are coming from. I guess our biggest frustration has been the LACK of professionals out there in the ASD field. ALSO since Noah has huge sensory integration issues...while many felt those needs should be addressed even before some of his ASD issues....they failed to provide him with the proper therapies and help to actually HELP him. Living with Noah has provided valuable insight into his "quirks" and what sets him off and his problem areas. We find it pretty easy now to do things to keep him on an even keel. No verbalizing of this information to former teachers and therapists however was ever successful unfortunately for us or Noah. They just did not ever seem to GET IT.

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