Saturday, May 28, 2005

Dear Noah:

THANKS FOR THE LAUGH today. Talk about making up lost time for creativity and imagination! I happened to look over today and there you stood....all of a sudden you kind of bent over and put your hand held recorder down by your butt and you farted! You ran down the hall giggling as I had happened to catch you in the act and my mouth just fell open here at my seat. My mouth is still hanging open in disbelief, but more now because I am laughing so hard. You have been recording all kinds of things. I think it is pretty creative you decided to test this out! hahahahahah.

(course I have informed you that you can ONLY do this here at home and not make it a habit of course!)

oh my........HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA ;)


Chris said...

Okay Melinda...My husband was just flipping through the channels on TV and we just found Lost. They are for some reason playing it again tonight. We just caught the part with the boat taking the little boy. I can't wait til I get up to CT to know what went on...I need to know now. So what happened? I know you commented on my blog that if I wanted to know anything you would let me know...well I want to know all of it. I thought I would be able to wait...but needless to say I can't. It is driving my husband crazy as well. I wish I knew earlier that it was on.

I just saw you put all the info on autism on here...I will start reading here shortly...thanks. Now I will understand it more. Thanx!!!

Chris said...

Ooops I almost forgot...funniest post ever!!! Go Noah Go!!! I love this kid. It would be funnier if you posted it on here....hahahahaaaaa! That is so funny!

Also if you don't want to post about Lost on here you can email

Melinda said...

Chris: I sent you a long email about LOST! If you want to know anything else after reading it let me know!

Melinda said...

Chris: I sent you 2 emails but the first came I sent another one (telling about LOST). I also went to your blog and posted the entire email there as well ( is pretty long). Let me know if you get it!