Thursday, May 26, 2005

Dear Noah:

You made a friend with the little 3 year old boy downstairs that just moved in and his 1 year old brother. You all played and talked to each other back and forth from you up here and them down below. They wanted you to come down to play with them and I even heard their daddy tell you to come in and ask your mommy if it would be okay. THEN I heard you want the little boy to come up here. I think it would be great if you could all play together....but I also worry. It would have to be only outside where I can see and hear everything going on practically every second. I mean the boy down there is only 3 and his brother only 1. I think you would play fine but if they happened to do something to "set you off" then what? USUALLY around smaller younger kids you do very well. BUT we also don't really know these people yet. They only moved in a couple of days ago. I think so far they appear to be okay....but then sometimes looks can be deceiving. What a world we live in huh? Hard enough for US to try to figure everything out without you. You told me this "I think the strangers downstairs are good strangers because they have 2 little boys!". I only wish it were always that simple. BUT I am thinking you are probably right too and perhaps you will all become very good friends. Course then what when the child starts school or moves? OR WE move? (you know working at the Children's Hospital you hear horror stories too about kids coming across guns to play with). While I know WE don't have any here etc...even if another parent told me they did not either I think I would always worry about that. SO...we will see how things go.

Last night however you already informed me that today, May 26, 2005 was the day you were going to go downstairs and play with Isaiah.

I love you my angel boy!



Chris said...

Where do these kids come up the things they say. They are so funny!! I love your blog Melinda!! I can't say it is so touching! I love children and always have and that is part of the reason I am so drawn to it. I hope if gets to play with the little boy all goes well. That would be great for him to have a little friend there at home. Good luck!!! Looking forward to see how it goes. Do you mind if I put your blog as a link on mine???

Melinda said...

No I don't mind...go right ahead! I will keep you posted on the play situation. We are thinking maybe it would be better if they could all meet at a local park to play in a more neutral territory...there is a park close by here. So we will see. Course Noah still wants to go downstairs to play. But that boy is only 3 and the other only 1. SO I am not sure. He would probably do okay never know I guess. THANKS for the encouragement on the blog. I wondered what happened to you as you seem to have been missing in action for a few days!

Chris said...

Yeah I was MIA...I had surgery last week. Had to get my tonsils out. I kept getting strep so they finally decided to take the little buggers out. It was terrible. They weren't lying when they said it worse getting them out as an adult...very very painful. But I am glad I went ahead with it. I am sick of having strep.

I hope you get to take them to the park so they can play. I am hope things go okay for Noah and he gets to make a new friend. That would be great for him I am sure.

No need to thank have a great blog. I want to put the word out and let others enjoy it.

Stacey Teague said...

I think you should let Noah play with the boys, you could forewarn the family to call you if there is a problem, or you would just hear. If you get anxious about it, Noah is sure to react to that....try to stay calm....deep breathe!