Tuesday, May 31, 2005

SOME of our family many years ago Noah. That is me with the long hair down front holding Heather. I look at that picture and wonder what has happened to your MOMMY!!!!!! Your aunt Melissa is to my right in the picture and then your Aunt Becky. Behind them is your grandma Custer and grandma Lincoln and my aunt Vera and uncle Sonny and his wife Eva and Uncle Ed and your uncle Chris and of course grandpa Custer. SO LONG ago but seems like yesterday. I sure do miss you Vera and Ed! Posted by Hello


Chris said...

Who is the boy in the shirt with the number 12 on it. He resembles Noah in a way? Love the hair and clothes in old pictures. Too funny!!

Melinda said...

Yeah. My mom and her sister had afros basically. I don't think I spelled that right but you know what I mean! The boy with the number 12 on his shirt is Shawn my uncle Sonny's son. He is all grown up now and quite the young nice looking man! He changed a lot over the years with his appearance as we all did I guess. Some for better and some for worse.