Sunday, May 01, 2005

Dear Noah:

AND further thoughts about the email exchange. I cannot imagine growing up as you and having to face crap like this your entire life!

So upon further thinking about the email from Jenny and our life with Noah I am still ticked off! WHY is that? Perhaps because she reminded me of the so-called "teachers" we dealt with when Noah was attempting public school? YOU KNOW the ones I am talking about. The ones who say "your child (or you) won't sit still and do what he is supposed to do! "He wants it to be HIS way or NO way". "He has to learn to do things OUR WAY or he won't be able to stay". "He has to become like ME (an IGNORANT ASS basically) so he can be mainstreamed back into regular class". We will keep SMASHING YOUR CHILDS FREAKIN head down from that nice perfect square peg-shape it is till we CAN WEDGE IT TIGHTLY INTO OUR SMALL ROUND PERFECT (PERFECT) peg-HOLES (I THINK I MEANT ass-HOLES) so he can be JUST LIKE ME".

AND did anyone ASK US? ASK YOU? WHAT YOU wanted to be or HOW you wanted to be? WHAT is so wrong with having a MIX of square and round pegs in the world? I don't have any problem with it. I also do NOT have any problems with my son now that he is homeschooled. I have the ability to get him to do even MORE school work than he did in the public school setting. Academically he is farther along than he would ever be in public school. WHY? CAUSE I LISTEN TO HIM. I CHANGE the way we do things to be BETTER FOR HIM. I DO ALLOW him to do things differently so he CAN do them and be successful. He will NEVER HAVE to set foot in a public classroom ever if he does not want to. Does this mean he won't be SOCIALIZING in the world and miss out? HA! What a freakin joke that is. SOCIALIZING? WITH WHAT? THOSE kinds of people? I try to keep him AWAY from those kinds of people in his life now and protect him...AND NOT because he is autistic. I would do the same for any child! I try to protect even MYSELF from people like that in the world. Trying to change the so-called misfits of society and mold them back into what is THEIR version of NORMALCY!

I think I am going to PUKE!


RO said...

don't puke
u sound like a woman
who is able to see
the whole child
instead of some diagnosis

he is a beautiful boy
keep doing stuffed animal
talent shows

and happy moms day

Melinda said...

Thanks Ro! He is my beautiful little guy. HA! I wish the best for you and am so proud that you are doing what truly makes you HAPPY now! Hope you pop back in again sometime!