Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday before Memorial Day 2007...

Noah and I watched most of the Indy 500 today. It was a very strange race....lots of down time and RAIN! Noah watched more car races after it was over.

Today was an official pajama day for the both of us. I have not done that in a long time and I must admit it was rather nice.

Noah ate nothing but leftover pizza today for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

He seems to be feeling much better. I called Grandma C. tonight. She sounded good but half-asleep. In fact when she answered it was like someone was pushing down on one of the keys for the longest time. Finally it was let up and she started to talk. I think I woke her up but she said the cord got wrapped around the phone and stuck.

Anyway.....Noah is now in bed. No medicine required tonight. It is only 10:23 and I am wondering what I might do with the rest of my night!

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Patty said...

That phone cord is a real pain in the butt. The first day there, I unplugged it and got all of the kinks out, it was a mess. When I called her yesterday morning, she said she dropped it onto the bed, which then connected me back to the rest home and somehow rang her again, I'm assuming she had hung up the phone, but I also heard a long beep, probably when it fell it cut us off for a short time, I don't know. When I left last evening, she said they would be back in around 8 or so and give her a pain pill, so she probably had taken that when you called.

Well we have to mow, it's a little wet in spots, but they say we're to get more of what we had yesterday, so tomorrow it would be even worse.

Glad you and Noah watched the race. I had forgotten about it till around 1:30, your Dad watched some of it.

Well Noah, take care of yourself. You and Mommy will get down to see Grandma C soon. I walked with her and the aide half way down the hallway last evening. Today at supper time I want to go over and eat with her, it cost $6.00 for the meal. Supper time works better then lunch time for me today. More later. Love you and Mommy very much.